Monday, July 02, 2007

Would-be Rape Victim fights back and wins

A female University student nearly got raped walking home after Uni - she was attacked near a girls school.

You can read her brave story here.

She also makes a comment about the person's ethnicity which I regard as a mindset breaking event. Anyhow go read it.

In high school we learnt to go for the "eyes, throat, nose, groin and toes". Struggles are not nicely choreographed dances and in the moment I simply scratched and screamed. But the point is that the self-defence course taught me I had the right to fight back. By talking about and role-playing the situation in advance, I had knowledge to refer to.

These self-defence courses are just as important as courses in road safety, resuscitation and stranger danger.

A couple of hundred Australians drown every year. But about 100,000 women experience sexual assault every year, the Bureau of Statistics says. If schools spent as much time teaching young women to defend themselves as they do teaching resuscitation, perhaps these statistics would be different.

Martial arts is not enough. There are lots of martial arts courses that teach the "art" of physical engagement, but when someone is assaulting you for real, "respect for your opponent" means nothing and it's the dirty, below-the-belt tactics you need to know. That's not to imply that women who haven't fought back have made an error of judgment. But women at least need to have that option available to them.

I hope they catch the scumbag. And they should cane him with a rottan until he screams like a pig and begs for mercy. Then show him some porn photos- and cane him some more... Then castrate the dickhead with a blunt butter knife.

Unfortunately, this is Australia so he'd be sent for counselling- and do some prison time on a farm. And after 2 years sent along his merry way to rape and pillage some more.


Jason Mullinder said...

Interesting that ethnicity issue raised, the whole PC thing gets so complicated and considering its origins in '1984' work...
If caught I doubt they'd even give him 2 years, our justice system is absolutely appalling in the way sex offenders get special considerations other offenders do not get.
Hope some take note of the self defense advice given, when the time comes it is one thing I will insist upon especially if I have daughters.

Yauming YMC said...

Its not just in Australia- I heard that a woman got jailed after she was molested in a train. Why? She produced a knife and tried to defend herself - she had previously been raped before.

Jason Mullinder said...

Suspect reasons tied in to most criminal law being based on precedent, so if one of the 'boys club' is ever caught he is assured of getting a slap on the wrist.