Sunday, July 01, 2007

My parents killed me today

I read these two horrible stories in The Australian (newspaper) recently.

You can read the stories here and here: THE AUSTRALIAN. I couldn't stop thinking about the kids. I wrote this below in response.

I think all of us should consider joining the Foster Family Care program and try and help disadvantaged children or some other similar outreach programs.

At the same time, we should be voting for politicians who give a damn about society's problem and who have practical solutions to fix them- as opposed to simply giving more money to bad parents who end spending it on drugs and alcohol.

My parents killed me today

My parents killed me today
The sobbings can cease
The pain is now gone
The social workers can go home
The judge can get another stiff drink
The defence lawyers can make another song

My parents killed me today
My father broke my skull
My mother broke my heart
It wasn't our fault your honor
We know not what we done.
The jury agree and set them free
Its Society's Fault.

My parents killed me today
In my bed
I begged to be carried
My legs bones were cracked
In their drunken stupor they didn't care less
I crawled
They kicked
Wasn't fast in time
I had to be punished
Had to be taught a lesson

My parents killed me today
Bashed my skull in
Broke my slender arms
Cracked my ribs
Ruptured my organs
My Liver was torn in half
Why was I still breathing when the ambulance came?
Why was our neighbors' lights not on?

My parents killed me today
Broke all my bones
I told my teachers I didn't want to go home
They told me they understand
But I had to go home
Be a good boy and all will go well
But they whisper
They know
My bruises and scars - they show
And still they insist: go home.

My parents killed me today
Where love should have been showered
Malice was shown
Where kisses should have been given
Curses were thrown
A tender word, a loving touch
All quite alien in my father's heart

My parents killed me today
My parents killed me today
My parents killed me today
The mourners wail, the journalist sigh
The politicians shrug their shoulders
Tomorrow they will not remember me
All will go home
And leave my cold body alone.

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