Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dow, China, and Fishhead curry

Had dinner at one of the little India restaurants - one fish head curry for 3 guys. A free flow of their wonderful briyani rice and veg. That rice and curry combo really hit the spot. Unfortunately, I got a bit sick - its not the food just me. I've done my best to eliminate carbs from my evening meal - and eating all that rice really upset my stomach.

Alright, so the DOW has fallen 200 points. (Which doesn't come as a surprise since it hit an all-time high recently). China - which again hit the ceiling - still looks a bit funny. I would expect that the Govt would start imposing capital gains tax or some other kind of tax to curb the speculative craze going over there.

But with both the DOW and possibly China heading lower - I'm out.

I'm a trader- so I don't subscribe to the buy and hold theory. So at the moment, stockmarket wise I'm doing my best impression of Nemo.

(Update ... Ekkk!!! I sold Sinomem at $1.49 this morning- it then came down slightly and then powered up to $1.57 up 5%).

*** photo of marine fish courtesy of coalfox ***

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