Monday, July 23, 2007

A black day, frisbee and a run

I got up on the wrong side of bed today. Just felt in a total black mood. Not angry. Just very sad. Didn't want to go to church. Just wanted to lie in bed.

Get up. I said to myself. Can't just stay here- I'll end up bludging the whole day away and feeling worse.

Didn't have breakfast. Got to the 11am service. And the first thing on my mind is how to make a quick getaway.

Once again at church we tried to sing the Hillsong's song "How Great is Our God" - this time with the piano instead of the organ. It sounded terrible but apparently the 8am service totally lost the plot and rioted taring and feathering the worship leader... no, just a bad joke. They just mumbled their way thru. Imagine a marathon with 120 year old geriatrics. (My church is a conservative - so.... )

The highlight for me is the singing of the Doxology. There's something about it that's feels like Heaven, the Presence of God. I get a bit high when I sing it :)

Then here comes the sermon. At this point, I make my getaway. Unfortunately the pastor is a terrible preacher - long winded and boring. And I was in no mood to put up with it today.

I escaped to a coffee shop around the corner and finally had some breakfast. Plain brown toast dunked in soft boiled eggs never tasted so good.

On the way out, I bumped into my fellow choir members who reminded me that we had practice this afternoon. I was in a awful mood tho and casually snarled that I hated the music and wished I didn't have to go. The old aunties looked at me in horror. I didn't repeat the comment.

I still went for choir. There were just 5 people there. The choir master chose to explain music theory. He might as well have been speaking in Klingon or Greek, I didn't understand a damn thing. To make matters worse, one of the choir members kept on coughing. He's been coughing for a whole month for @#$% sake. If he's sick, for his own sake, he should go home, get some rest, drink lemon honey tea. Not come for choir practice!!!! The crazy nutter was coughing every 30 seconds or so.  I felt like getting up and going straight home. I was this close from doing so.

But I didn't want to cause a scene. And there were only three bass singers - including Mr Coughalot.

Eventually more people showed up and we began our practice.

After singing for 30 minutes or so... my attitude started to improve. I got my groove back. The music was great, afterall. And we started singing properly in our various parts.
Frisbee*- what can I say?  I can't catch short passes. God knows why. I've got perfect vision, but I'm just unco. I catch worse than the girls. F@#k.  Its so  goddamn gender embarassing.

Anyhow its still nice to see the people. Friendly lot. Our frisbee organizer, Steven caught the catch of the day. He sprinted from across the field, slipped and slided like about 5m ... before caught the frisbee in the goal area between two defenders!!! Amazing. That guy is so fast he could run on water. :)

I still felt edgy tho. So I headed to the gym. Drank a chocolate protein drink, I must have been very hungry- it tasted good this time round. Had another sports energy drink - and I did my run.

It felt fantastic. Just very good to run. That's something about it- stepping on the treadmill, putting on the music, and just running - its just addictive. It feels so right. It feels so good. I ran for about 30 minutes - then I really needed to pee - but I still kept going - slowed down to fast walk for 15 more minutes... then I had my toilet break. I tried restarting the run, but my calf muscles started twitching, I could feel a nasty cramp coming. So I stopped and walked home.

It started to drizzle outside. But I was already covered in sweat. I got to run more often. I feel much better now. Thank God, I got out of bed this morning.

On my way out - at the Somerset MRT crossing on Orchard Road- I started running again down Orchard Road.  Right in the centre of the road. It felt so crazy. But the lights were red. The traffic was all bottled up behind me. Just me running down Singapore's main street. lol.

*We play Ultimate Frisbee in the avro 5pm - down by the Clark Quey River Point Park. You're welcome to join us. We may have a special game in Sentosa in August.


Althea Wong said...

hope you feel better after your run... *hugs*

Yauming YMC said...

Helyah, I sure did. I forgot to mention I played HillSong's "Mighty to Save" during the run - and I had the profound sensation that whatever I've been worried about was really nothing significant to the fact that:

1. I'm a child of God and destined for an eternal home that money or human effort cannot buy
2. Our God Saves - And his power is magnified in our weakness and human failings.