Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sermons... boring sermons

I really can't stand boring sermons at church. I really dislike it when preachers just stand there and jabber on and on in a meaningless fashion. It won't surprise me that most of them love the sound of their own voices.

I know a good sermon when I hear one- it speaks to the heart- it makes sense - it wants to go out and do something good or to change your life for the better.

I was in this church in Australia- and honestly, god knows why - the preaching there was quite terrible. Most of the congregation knew it was horrible - some people tried to tell the pastors about it- and invariably they got ignored. The pastors tended to take any form of criticism in a personal way. It was a waste of time talking to them about it- it'd just over their head.

Don't they realize that when they stand on the pulpit- they are in effect- God's mouthpiece - to the world?? Whatever they say, should be a reflection of God's will, manifest plan, etc.. and not some lame "uncle" story time.

There is a phase in the Bible: "The more the words, the less the meaning and HOW does that benefit anyone?" I flipped thru my Bible during one of those agonizing 3 hour sermons- and that verse struck me like lightning.

I think most sermons can be improved if the message time was cut to 15 minutes. If the preacher can't get his message thru in that time- spending another 45 minutes won't help them either.

The funny thing is that during these long sermons- I feel a compulsion to go for a long run - cover 10km - do something useful instead of sitting down wasting up time or messing with the vibe of the church. Sometime, the message isn't for you at all- and won't appeal to you unless you are in that particular age bracket or culture. Better to accept that you don't belong- and just move on to another church I reckon.

Its getting to be that way in my church. But I go for the most sentimental of reasons. I love the old building. Four generations of my family worshipped there. The bricks and marble resonate with memories. Each time I step into that sanctury, I feel like I've come home. I remember things. Things which move my heart. But apart from that- its a spiritually dry place for me.

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