Tuesday, July 03, 2007

House Hunting in Singapore

House hunting in Singapore. Saw this house at Swiss Club Road. Two and a half levels - includes an "attic" converted to a gym. Looks pretty good. Well designed.

Good layout. All the rooms - there are about 8 of them have balconies that open up to the atrium and indoor water pond.

Good finishing too. The kitchen was modern, the floorboards are made of teak, all the stuff you normally see in a Vogue Living or Best Homes magazine etc..

Not much of garden but plenty of carpark space :) I think you can fit at least 20 cars in the front yard. Imagine the parties you can host there!

I prefer the atrium at my old place though.


Erwin Loh said...

Are you buying?

Yauming YMC said...

We made the offer yes. But the family changed their mind and withdrew. House prices here are going thru the roof- and such property is hard to find. I suspect they'll put it back onto the market at the end of Q3 at a much higher level. The place is big- its 20k square ft. What you don't see in the photos are the large rooms and lounge hall. But personally, I'm not too enamored over it... hint hint.