Saturday, February 20, 2016

Christianity, the Bible and self-loathing

The Bible is a book. Its actually a collection of poems, laws, letters written by individuals - all from the same culture and race. The problem is that human beings have elevated a book written 2,000 -3,000 years ago to a sacred holy text.

God wrote it. It's God'd breathed. Its the WORD of GOD!!!!

There are a number of peculiar and even upsetting things written in the bible. But we as Christians are told to switch off our brain and believe. Its called Faith. I'd rather call it abuse of power.

God or our Creator gave all of us brains. Brains to think. Brains to reason. I don't see how switching that god given part of ourselves off and relying on faith is suppose to help - esp when it involves causing the unnecessary suffering of other people.

For too long partners in marriage, for example, are forced to stick with their spouses and live unhappy lives til the day they die. Life is too short for this sort of rubbish.

We also cannot go on living under the shadow of self-loathing. What the bible calls sin - is quite likely our natural desires. We all need to eat, sleep, work, have sex. But preachers - church leaders often condemn our desires as ungodly, carnal desires. Then a lot of them go behind closed doors and do what they preach against. lol.

I think so long as we operate under the principle - "respect others as you yourself desired to be respected" than its ok.

What I find appalling is that a lot of Christians becoming conceited proud people - quick to judge, quick to take offence. How can a religion of love, peace, and forgiveness produce arseholes? It doesn't make sense.

Taharrush gamea: Rape Game

Clash of cultures. In some cultures women are to be silent, unheard, unseen - kept under lock and key by male guardians; a woman walking alone unescorted by a male guardian is fair game. When the people who believe in this anarchic belief system enter into a liberal western society - its like introducing wolves into a colony of naive bunnies.