Saturday, October 24, 2009

I love this music!!!

This has got to be the most cutest "innocent" music group ever.

I love how they use everyday objects - even children's pianos like Snoppy's Schroder - to make their music.

You can check out their music on Youtube:

Their main page is here

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I joined back to my old gym

I've signed up for AquaArena, my old gym. Its just 10 minutes drive from my place. 5 minutes really but there's a few traffic lights along the way.

Its run by the YMCA (heh heh) I should have asked for a discount. And its well run. There are no dodgy sneaky contracts they get you to sign up for unlike the smaller independent gyms like Equi1ibrium. Those gyms are really shonky operators - typically they try and lock you into a 12 month auto-renewable contract which is hard to escape from. (Meaning - the contract auto-renews itself for another 12 month unless you jump thru several hoops to cancel).

I've been geared towards a mainly aerobic and flexibility program for the next two months. Looking forward to going for the pilate classes and limbering up.

Inherent stiffness in the body runs through my family bloodline. I also never seriously stretched much after exercising. So I've got a bit of a biological uphill climb to do.