Thursday, March 30, 2006

Excellent MP3 CD converter

I've been using this free software for awhile and its absolutely brilliant.

Its called CDex (CD extractor). You can get it here:
Its small. Its very good software- doesn't have any unnecessary crap or hidden spyware. Does not sit in the background and chew up memory like Real player. Does not have stupid auto updater crasher programs.

Anyhow what it does is it copies your CD music to wav or MP3 file. Yah!!! No more crappy WMV crap which doesn't play in most MP3 players.

Another excellent tool is that CDex has a function for you to read off the CD's songs full titles, and info. But u might need to have the internet on for it to read from the remote server site.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Postage issues eBay

Sometimes I get complacent and I do silly things. Like this one. Looks pretty doesn't it? I bought it for what I thought was a bargin 4 pounds.

The postage - however read - 16 pounds couriered. But I thought that would negotiable. Usually it is - theoretically the seller gains nothing from the postage. Theoretically, that is. Often the sellers would put in handling costs into the postage. So if the postage cost $1- some sellers will charge $10 and cream off the rest.

Anyhow - the guy wouldn't budge or be flexible in the shipping arrangements and demanded I pay up immediately and honor the payment.

Arghhh.... so in the end I had to pay 20 British pounds for it.

Drat. My fault.

But the plate still looks pretty doesn't it?

Some Good News!!!

See here

Convert Case Sparks Surge of Interest in Christianity Among Afghans

By Patrick Goodenough International Editor March 27, 2006

( - An Afghan Christian leader in the U.S. has welcomed reports that criminal charges may be dropped against an Afghan Christian convert who was threatened with execution for refusing to return to Islam.

Hussain Andaryas said the publicity surrounding the Abdul Rahman case had resulted in a surge of interest in Christianity among Afghans, strong concern for the plight of Afghanistan's underground Christians -- and an antagonistic response from Muslims.

On Sunday, Afghan officials were quoted as saying that Rahman would likely be released soon while the case against him was examined further.

Of the possibility that Kabul may declare him mentally unfit to stand trial, Andaryas said that was simply "a matter of politics" and a convenient way to "get rid of the shame."

Andaryas runs a collection of Christian websites in Afghanistan's Dari-Persian tongue as well as daily radio programs and a weekly television program.

He is in daily contact with individuals in his homeland, and has been reporting for several years about the risks faced by Afghan Christians -- all converts from Islam and thus considered apostates worthy of death, according to Islamic law (shari'a).

He said one of the websites, which carries news on Afghan Christians, typically drew about 300 unique visitors every month, but since the Rahman story emerged it had attracted half a million visitors.

The number of emails received also has risen enormously, and 13 people are now tasked with responding to them.

The majority of emails are negative and many are abusive, coming from Muslims who felt that Rahman and other apostates -- including Andaryas himself -- should be severely punished.

But there also are many messages of support, he said.

And then there are emails coming from Afghans wanting to know more about Christianity, asking where they can get a Bible in the Dari or Pashto language, or sharing the news that they had become believers in Jesus Christ.

Among the most stirring messages are those from Afghan Muslims marveling about a faith for which a man was willing to die and wanting to study the Bible further.

"I strongly believe God is using this situation for His glory," Andaryas said. "One man's bold step has shaken the world."

Andaryas estimated there are up to 10,000 Christians in Afghanistan. He based that figure on the 6,000 messages sent to his ministry since it began in 1996, all from individuals inside Afghanistan who identified themselves as believing Christians.

Even if some of those messages were not genuine, he said, the number would be more than evened out by Christians living in remote areas without access to computers; and those who are too scared to risk their safety by coming out.


In recent days a number of news reports have quoted Afghan clerics, government officials and some ordinary citizens as saying the convert, Abdul Rahman, should die.

President Hamid Karzai has been described as being caught between Western pressure and hardliners at home demanding that the shari'a-required punishment be meted out.

Andaryas acknowledged that the international uproar over the Rahman case may make life more precarious for other believers in Afghanistan.

But the situation was dangerous already, he stressed, citing cases in recent years where converts had been killed by Islamic zealots -- usually Taliban adherents -- including in Kabul itself.

Christians were aware of the perils, and were careful not to take unnecessary risks.

Andaryas recalled instances like the one in which a father and two sons all became Christians independently of each other, but were so careful about keeping their new faith secret that more than a year passed before each became aware of the others' conversion.

Devout Muslims, he said, take their guidance not only from the Koran but also from the traditional collections of sayings and doings of Mohammed, known as the Hadith.

"In the Hadith, which are the words of Mohammed himself, it has been said multiple times that a man who leaves Islam must be put to death. Muslims take this seriously. The Western media -- there is a big blinder before their eyes, they don't understand that."

Andaryas' own journey took him from Afghanistan to Iran, where he said he was caught communicating with a local Christian and arrested. In detention, he was cut with a knife and beaten with a rod bearing the words "confession or death" in Farsi.

"The three days and nights of torture in Iran brought me to understand that God cannot be like that, that God does not need protection for His religion, His way," he wrote later.

He later managed to leave Iran and eventually found his way to the U.S. by way of Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan and India.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Blessed are the peacemakers?

I read this article in the TorontoSun

Written by Michael Coren, he heavily criticizes the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) who went to Iraq to protest against the US led war of Liberation in Iraq. He makes several good points. Here's a brief summary

"What, for example, were these men doing there in the first place? They were warned of the dangers -- more than 400 foreigners have been kidnapped in Iraq and 55 of them murdered. It's been argued that (pro-rebel) Muslim leaders called for their release and that this proves that bridges were built. Not at all. It's easy to speak up for those who are on your side and can be used as propaganda tools. We also need to ask why the same Muslim leaders have not cried out for other hostages, most of them harmless and good men and women.

What these men did accomplish was to occupy the time and resources of numerous politicians, civil servants, aid workers and soldiers. Time and resources that could and should have been spent on other people who were in trouble. Time and resources that could have gone towards helping Iraqis, 10-20 of whom are kidnapped every day, but about whom we read and hear very little because they are not Western, middle-class and privileged.

And here surely is the point. These men were there, perhaps with noble intentions, because they could go there. Not so when Saddam was murdering Kurds or Syria wiping out villages. Because if well-meaning yet colossally naive Westerners had done so they would have been killed without a second thought.

Such "peacemakers" tend to be highly selective in where they choose to make peace.

The hostages and their organization also insisted that no force should be used in their rescue. Indeed, the leaders of the group now seem be showing a staggering lack of grace and gratitude toward those who liberated their friends. Rude and selfish.

In my view, the fetish for non-violence is in itself fundamentally un-Christian. It is entirely Christian, for example, to use force to stop a murderer or controlled violence to prevent a rape.

Also Christian, one would have thought, to take a whip to moneychangers in the Jerusalem temple!


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Firefox Rocks!

No, not the movie. Firefox: the internet browser! As u know u can catch computer viruses by visiting corrupt or dubious or fake sites- a bit like eating at dubious unhygienic asian restaurants. Read more for details:

(Basically try and use an alternative browser like Mozilla's Firefox instead of Microsoft's Internet Explorer

Click here to get some!!! )

Anyhow read on:

Critical flaw bites IE browser By Louisa HearnMarch 24, 2006 - 3:48PM

Internet Explorer has fallen into the spotlight this week following a series of security alerts, the latest of which has been deemed "extremely critical". According to security company Secunia, the latest vulnerability could give a remote attacker the ability to take over a fully patched Windows XP system.

Security companies believe the flaw could potentially be exploited by malicious parties sending out an email to lure users into clicking on a link to a site. From there code would be downloaded allowing a third party to take over the system.

Secunia categorises the flaw "extremely critical" and advises users to disable a function called 'active scripting' in IE which would effectively block any attack.

Microsoft confirmed it was aware of the flaw which affects IE version 6 and 7 Beta 2 preview and said (when they get off their fat asses eating donuts and counting their millions of dollars in company options) it would address it in a future security update.

"We're going to continue to look into this but remind you also that safe browsing practices can help here, like only visiting trusted websites, etc," said a post on the Microsoft Security Response Centre blog.

(Good grief! Not again. I can't believe that Microsoft is the richest software company in the universe and it can't even keep up with security issues for its products. Boy do they suck. You would have thought that they would have a whole building filled with eager smart programmers figuring out ways to make their software more secure.)

Anyhow - Neither vulnerability affects alternative web browsers such as Firefox. Get it here:

Well what are you waiting for???

Friday, March 24, 2006

Windows Solutions for anti- virus, trojans and spyware

I'm quite proud of the fact that my computer runs very well. Recently I had the pleasure of helping a dear friend fix up her computer.

It was literally overrun by spyware, trojans and viruses.

First off some definitions. Spywares are basically a program that watches what you do and then transmit the data to someone else. Seems fairly harmless- but if you are doing banking and credit card payments etc.. -it can lead to someone emptying out your bank account or using your credit card to buy stuff for themselves.

Trojans- the name comes from the Greek story about how the Ancient Greeks built a Big Horse gave it to the Trojans whom they were besieging. The Trojans foolishly took the Horse into their Fortified City and at night- Greek soldiers came out, opened the city doors, and the Greek Army rushed in and burnt the city to the ground. Basically a Trojan program is a harmless looking program which seeks to control your computer and doing bad stuff with it. Its serious shit- imagine if a trojan program uses your computer internet access to download child porn.

Viruses- you guessed it- do bad stuff to your computer. Organic viruses like SARS, influenza, chicken pox, to the common cold strike your health. Once you get infected you can infect other people. Sometimes you can die from them. Well computer viruses are the same sort - they may cause your computer to crash and not work, lose data, send more viruses out to infect more computers, or just slow you down.

How you get them- usually you catch them- when you enter into corrupt internet sites- a bit like walking into a gangster or red light area. Often u get them- when someone sends you a virus via an email attachment. Nowadays you can get infected if you don't have a proper firewall. A bit like not having locks on your doors in your house.

One program is usually not enough to deal with all the threats. You need several. On my computer I have AVG Grisoft, ZonealarmPro (Firewall) Pro on permanent watch- meaning they are constantly on. I also run Spybot and Adaware from time to time.

Thankfully, we live in a great world. There are software out there which you can download for free- no strings attached which can help you out. Often you need to run not just one- but two or three programs to flush the crap out. (Just to let u know- I HATE Norton and McAfee- there are horrible to use and swallow up too much computer memory space.)

First off I use AVG Grisoft to scan for viruses. It also checks your email to make sure there are no viruses. Get it here:
Remember! The free software doesn't require a password.

To make doubly sure you can also use AVAST:

To make sure that everything is OK- I also use Trend Micro- they have an online virus scanner. So u need to have the internet to use it. Its very good and catches the latest viruses unlike its competitors.

For spyware- I use Spybot Search and Destroy - get it here

I also use "Adaware" - get it here:

You also have to update your computer- esp if you r using Windows. In your Internet Explorer u goto Tools- then click on Windows updates.

New viruses and trojans are being made everyday- so be sure to make your system secure.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Screwy ways to sting moonbats

Someone had this funny notion of letting loose a whole bunch of animals like arctic polar bears, grizzly bears, tigers, panthers, into a Greenpeace crowd during one of their rallies. Its like - the Greens are always saying that "man is bad- nature is good" - do any of these jokers ever step into the wild? Slattsnews has a better idea though! Someone has invented a whole bunch of flying saucers - 3ft in diameter, about 1in thick, weigh less than 17oz and can reach 40mph and can fly in formation. Looks fairly scary and caused a small commotion when first launched. Slattsnews "wonder" what the reaction would be- if they were launched during one of the left-wing rallies. LOL priceless.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


I played paintball this morning with the boys from Rowville (ACF church) at Wallan.

Planet Paintball and Laser Skirmish315 South Mountain RoadWallan EastVIC 3756Australia

It was very exhilarating. Got quite a lot of kills- but my aiming deteriorated dramatically at the end of the the 3rd game. It was a great fight. We had 22 people playing in a heavily forested area the size of a small soccer field. Plenty of cover- trees, shurbs, grass, ferns, trenches, barricades, and wooden fortifications.

I had a few amazing heart pounding moments- esp. when I led the charge to take control of enemy positions. One awesome moment came when I ran past an enemy stronghold- and caught 5 guys shooting the other way. I shot at one- and yelled to the others- surrender or die!!! I thought I was a gonna for sure. There was another guy hidden in the trees- but thankfully- my other team mates for him.

Most of the time- it just requires patience. You need to wait, move into position, wait and wait somemore. Then when the enemy is looking the other way- you pounce and get them.

Most of the time- it just requires very good coordination- if the team worked together- it worked well. Ferry and Sam's team seemed to get the hang of things - when they launched a hard right flanking assault- whilst our side got bogged down attacking their left. We could see them advancing - but we were too far away to help. FnS's team won that game. Well done to them!!! Fortunately, for us- their coordination didn't last. In the next match- they decided to get too defensive and hold back. That's fine- but they didn't maintain a 180degree watch. Whilst our team maintained pressure on all flanks- we managed to creep up and get them.

In another hard won game, I also got a bit lucky and surprised their attacking force. I was somewhere in the middle when I saw their attacking force again advancing to our left. I left my position and ran backwards fast. I totally surprised them. I had my gun to the guy's head before screaming SURRENDER OR DIE!!! He must have crapped his pants. I should have shot his partner first though. He was a bit far off and ducked behind a tree and started shooting back. Fortunately, I got him.

My aiming was really horrible after all that running. I still hadn't mastered the skill of shooting and running at the same time. I tend to shoot hip style so that I maintain a wide visual perspective. You have to quickly use old fashion aim, point, shoot- to score effectively.

It wasn't like the place in Ecuhca where it was a flat dust bowl- and a few balls of hay and several dozen players squashed inside.

In the past, paintball was banned in Victoria- and you had to drive 3 hours to the border towns or NSW to play it. Our glorious govt was planning to legislate paintball as a non-firearm but after the Port Arthur massacre (where a deranged psychopath shot 50+ people) anything that looked like a gun or anyone who were interested in anything like guns were anathema. Never mind the fact that a paintball gun just shoots paintballs. God knows with that kind of logic- the govt here should have banned the koran because Islamic Terrorist read that book. They have recently relaxed the legislation. It seems the current police minister is a paintball fan.

The paintball place provided the standard helmet that looked like a dirt bike helmet- had goggles, a visor, and also gave us a small throat wraparound- which was suppose to protect the throat.

Yet a couple of guys got injuries to the neck and arms. Next time, things to bring are a beanie hat, leather gloves, open faced balaclava or a loose neck ring, a camo netting scarf. The open faced balaclava- similar to the type used by racing car pit crews- should protect protection for the neck and ears. The beanie hat will be an excellent protector for the head and ears. The camo netting scarf will protect your neck. The balaclava will provide protection for your ears and exposed parts of your neck. A small bum bag would be useful to carry a waterbottle and some chocolate bars.

Whatever happens you don't want to get hit in the ear or neck - it hurts like hell- and in the case of a shot in the ear - can lead to permanent major damage. So wear the gear!!

Play in the morning. Get there early. By afternoon the sun is well and truly up, and with all your gear on- it becomes too hot to play. You'll end up taking off your stuff- and get shot and injured.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Distracted = $3500

Argh! I got into an unnecessary car accident today. Totally my fracking fault. I was pulling out of a driveway- then a car came round the corner fast, I got distracted- reversed a bit too fast, and wacked a stationary car that was hidden in my blind spot. I had seen it when I pulled into the driveway- but forgot about it when the other fast car appeared.

I feel like such a dill.

I totally damaged the parked car's door- the repairer called me up and quoted $3500 to repair it. Thankfully I have comprehensive insurance. But I do have to pay $450 for the excess fee.

I really could have used that $450 for other things. Feeling totally depressed now.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

People are a funny lot

Meanwhile whilst millions of Africans are living under murderous corrupt despotic governments in Africa who are taking the entire continent down to hell, North Koreans endure a total nutcase for a leader, some people here in Australia can make the claim that "Australia has never, ever been so bloody cruel (and are)... the harshest bastards on earth".

I saw the depressing movie Lords of War today. Basically about an arms dealer (Nicolas Cage) who goes about selling weapons to despots. It made the claim- if he didn't do it- someone else would have. He also made the nillistic comment- "Evil prevails."

No, evil prevails BECAUSE good men do nothing.

But really the problem- is a lack of order. (Now don't raise your eyebrows here). Order is usually associated with dirty symbolism or with tyrannies. Rebellion, rebels are so much more "romantic", esp. in the West. Hence the films "Rebel without a Cause", "Star Wars", the cuban guerrilla fighter- Che, films about the US Confederacy- despite its pro-slavery stance.

But seriously, if there was good governance, good officials in charge, and an orderly and sensible approach to running society, - there would be no place for arms dealer to make a "killing", pardon the pun. A good working civil government- may be boring- and may not inspire any good movies. But it leads to stable working environments, trade, and a healthy living world for the whole community.

In places like South Africa, Zimbabwe - there was a time when good governance was in place- it wasn't perfect, it was a colonial system but it worked. Zimbabwe was once a rich nation and a net exporter of food- now its a state that depends on UN welfare. Look at South Africa- it was once the Diamond of Africa- look at it now- who are the dreamers who placed the ANC in charge?

Somehow people got it into their heads that once you removed the colonial system and put natives into power- things would get better.

It didn't.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Its not God's will!!!!!

I read this in the news. I can only imagine the woman's frustration. :) The man must have crazy to have made the "We got lost because its God's will" comment.,5478,18426505%255E1702,00.html

Couple survives 35 days adrift at sea From correspondents in Majuro, Kiribati

11mar06 What was supposed to be a simple four-hour boat trip turned into a 35-day ordeal at sea for a couple from the central Pacific nation of Kiribati who drifted 1900km before being rescued.Taate Toakai and Botara Betaia then had to wait another month and a half on a remote island before getting a ride home.

Toakai and Betaia told the story of their dreadful experience yesterday before departing Majuro for home nearly two and a half months after setting out on what they thought would be a four-hour boat ride from the Kiribati capital of Tarawa to neighbouring Maiana Island.

When their engine died, they could still see land but were too far away to swim, and although they had a walkie-talkie and cellphone luck was against them.

"The cell phone wasn't charged, the batteries for the walkie-talkie were weak and before we left he (Betaia) had turned off the CB radio at the house," Toakai said.

"I really got mad at him and I told him 'This is not God's will, we're drifting because of your carelessness'."

Search planes and rescue boats failed to locate the 52-year-old couple and days of drifting turned into weeks.

"Our faith gave us life. We would pray at least 10 times a day. I kept praying for God to help us," Toakai said.

"For three days we didn't have water or food. We continued to pray, we asked for food, water and to be saved. On the fourth day it started raining. It rained for 24 hours."

The couple used a raincoat to catch rain and stored it in a bucket for drinking, and they ate raw fish Betaia caught. (well at least he's good for something!!!)

To make the situation more dire, by the end of their fourth week at sea, their 20-foot (6m) wooden boat sprang a leak and they had to bail several hours a day until they were found by a helicopter from a South Korean fishing vessel.

They were taken to Chuuk Island in Micronesia, where they waited for several weeks until Continental Airlines donated their air transportation costs back to Kiribati via Majuro.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Looks rich- but is poor as

I read about this guy's misfortune to be saddled with an idiot brother-in-law.

Read the guy's sad but funny story here.

Here's the summary:
"Cowdunk's" brother-in-law buys a Honda Integra Type R for about S$120,000- that's US $90,000 - due to Singapore's road taxes. For the uninitiated, it's just a 2-door Honda. However, back then the brother in law only earns about $2500 gross. After deducting for the govt superannuation, he takes home about $2000. But his loan for the car was $1500. His annual insurance was about $5000. His loan to the bank was rejected back then. So he turns to "cowdunk" and actually ask him to help by being his GUARANTOR.

"Cowdunk's" sister- the bro-in-laws then girlfriend was also helping with the car financing.

Fast forward a few years and late last year, bro-in-law buys a new dog. It's one of those expensive looking dogs imported from Australia. "Cowdunk", bemused, doesn't know the pedigree of the dog. To him, a dog is a dog. Just like vegetables are vegetables. Bro-in-law claimed to spend about $4000 to bring in the dog. It's one of those dogs that people will walk them around expensive blue-chip estates to show off. But the bro-in-law lives in public housing. Of course, again he ask cowdunk to be the "legal owner" as under govt public housing regulations, he is not supposed to keep that kind of dog.

Bro-in-law then decides to sell his $90 grand car. With car prices plunging lately, he decided that it makes dollar sense to change his car. Seems good but then... he places a booking for a $100,000 SUBARA WRX sportscar. He also takes the weekend to choose a nice number for his car, thus paying $1000 to bid for it. Well, that is what rich people do sometimes. Buy a performance car and bid for unique number.

Anyway, yesterday the dude calls up cowdunk again. He only just about received 2 calls from him in the last 4 years. Both on the same topic. You guessed it. His loan is rejected and so he needs someone to be his guarantor.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Female Soldiers Blogging

Came across this today whilst searching for movie reviews of jarhead.

I found the long line of "passport" photos showing the fallen soldiers- disturbing and very moving. I strongly admire what the Americans are trying to do. It is very easy to be cynical about the whole process. Heck, during 1946, a lot of people thought the US had stuffed up the peace in Germany.

Unfortunately, I don't see a quick war for the conflict over in Iraq to end anytime soon. Iraq is not Nazi Germany. Its more like Ireland circa 1970. The problem is similar to the struggles in Northern Ireland but multiplied by a factor of 100.

Basically you have three main groups - The Sunnis, the Shi'ites, and the Kurds. The latter two were under brutal oppression by the Sunni dominated Baath Party who murdered hundreds of thousands of them.

The Sunnis however don't seem to realize the game is up- or worse, they don't want to. They are also being backed by the rich Sunni states like Saudi Arabia. And of course, the terror groups led by Osama. So they have been trying to destabilize the peace process thru terror attacks like the destruction of the Shi'ites holy sites.

Good grief! They are only simply making it harder for the Shi'ites and Kurds to forget the past and move on. As the saying goes- You reap what you sow.

Once the US forces leave, the Shi'ites and Kurds will find it extremely hard to hold back for all those decades of oppression. I won't be surprised if the latter two are just bidding their time and waiting for the US to leave.

Revenge is a strong point in Islamic societies. So if I was a Sunni, I'd be saving up to buy a one way ticket out of the place. Problem is that due to the tribalism inherent in Arab societies, there will be no place for the Sunni Iraq to go to. Ironically, the only places willing to absorb these refugees will be countries like the US, UK, Europe etc..

The way horror movies should end

Click on the link. Warning- the video contains violence and death- and is not worksafe.

This sort of activity however- would land the woman in jail for 10 - 25 years in Australia or the UK. Bizarre huh? We've certainly got a totally fubar justice system in the West.

Next time you vote- ask your parliament member how he intends to deal with crime.

Absent minded Japanese

I can relate to this- I keep losing my stuff- esp. my sunglasses. But this is real funny.

I read this in "The Australian".

Lost and Found and Found and Found: Drowning under a sea of lost property March 10, 2006

TOKYO: To the citizens of more lawless countries, Japan's low crime rates and high standards of personal honesty are a cause of envious admiration. But Japanese are now paying the price for their integrity as the country sinks beneath a mountain of lost property. Japan's cabinet has approved legislation to reduce the millions of items - from trillions of yen in cash, to live hamsters and packets of chewing gum - lost in shops and on public transport and conscientiously handed in by their finders.

The change will ease the burden on the vast lost property centres where millions of lost items, most of which will never reach their owners, are documented and stored every year.

The Japanese are a forgetful people: in 2004, 7.4 million items were reported lost. An even larger number of objects was handed in: 10.7 million - almost four times the annual number when records began 50 years ago.

Among the objects were 330,000 mobile phones, 730,000 wallets and 13.2 billion yen in cash, most of which were successfully returned to their owners.

But they also included 1.4million umbrellas and 876,000 small items of clothing, such as scarves and gloves, only a fraction of which are returned.

In theory, anyone who fails to hand in lost property can be convicted of embezzlement. Those who hand in are rewarded with 10 per cent of a lost object's value if it is reclaimed or can keep their find if it is not.

Perhaps because of this strict legal framework, definitions of what constitutes lost property have become very wide indeed. "Sometimes, schoolchildren hand over a few sweets that they've found on the train," said Kazuo Yamazaki, of the Lost Property Centre in Ueno railway station in Tokyo. "Now, to you that may be litter, but to the owner it could be lost property."

The revisions to the 107-year-old Lost Goods Law will reduce from six to three months the length of time that lost property must be kept before it is handed over to the finder. The police will be allowed to sell low-value items such as umbrellas, 99 per cent of which remain unclaimed, to recoup the cost of storing them.

The changes will also remove the anomalous regulation that defines pets as lost property. In the past, lost-and-found offices have had to feed and tend to dogs, cats, goldfish, hamsters and even snakes and wallabies. Some of the offices even keep pet food on standby (or perhaps it was pet food that someone lost. LOL!!!) ...

The Times

Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Park

There's a large park near my neighbourhood. It has a lot of pretty trees. Here's a photo of my favourite spot.

Looks awesome.

I'm not too sure what the trees are called. They may be an oak type of tree. If someone does know- please tell me.

Unfortunately for the rest of the park- the authorities decided to plant gum trees- which have the terrible habit of shedding branches often without warning. Doesn't even take a wind to bring it down.

Every year, dozens of people are killed by falling gum tree branches. And the moron council members decide to plant several hundred of them in the park where thousands of people use.

Hopefully, a big gum tree branch will fall and injure the idiots who voted for the idea.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

She's like a cloud

She's like a cloud that floats high in the sky
Sometimes White,
Sometimes cute and fluffy looking,
Occasionally black and thunderous
I wonder whether I will be struck

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Chancery Hill

The house on the hill
Stands silent and still

Its front door is locked
But its backdoors wide open.

No one lives there
Only I seem to care

August trees stand watch over the house
Vines cling and embrace its pillars

The hum of crickets fill the humid air
A little gecko looks warily and waits.

Old cupboards sit with dusty dresses
And shelves with musty books

The kitchen sink is filled with black china
Blacken by age


Monday, March 06, 2006

I love Noritake

I almost bought this. Its a Noritake cake plate+ tea cup +supper plate set. The design is fabulous. Noone else seemed to want it. I was the only bidder. Unfortunately, not so. I was outbid by 50 cents!!! arghhh!!! I went to get some coffee- and then watched some tv - and in the closing moments of the auction- a 2nd person outbided me.

Here's the photo- if u see something like this- let me know asap.

Victorian Justice System

Read this in online news today. Boy, the Victorian Justice system is filled with a bunch of pro-commie lawyers. The bloody North Korean Govt is up to its eyeballs selling illicit drugs on a massive scale. And they let the officers of the ship go scot-free. Good god, they were carrying $160,000,000 worth of heroin. Duh, I'm sure they didn't know about their own cargo.

Australia should stop its aid to North Korea- and ban all trade going to that country. Oh wait. Maybe we can import all the pro communist, left-wingers over to North Korea instead. Since they hate Australia so much- its better that they go to a "better place". (What do u mean North Korea is not a "better place" comrade? lol)
AAP News
Authorities will destroy the North Korean freighter used to import 150kg of heroin in Australia, Federal Police chief Mick Keelty says. The Pong Su, which weighs more than 3,500 tonnes, has been berthed in Sydney since it was seized three years ago after a four-day chase by Australian soldiers, federal police and customs officers. Four Pong Su officers accused of aiding and abetting the importation of heroin worth more than $160 million were acquitted and released on Sunday.

The owners of the Pong Su are considering suing the Australian government over the seizure of the ship and loss of earnings over the three-year period. The Pong Su has been costing Australian taxpayers about $2,500 a day while the four accused's taxpayer-funded defence has been estimated at up to $3 million. Solicitor for captain Man Sun Song and the Pong Su Shipping Company, Jack Dalziel, said he was under instructions to consider compensation for significant loss of earnings.

After almost seven months of evidence and 10 days of deliberations, a Victorian Supreme Court jury found the four officers not guilty of aiding and abetting the importation of a commercial quantity of heroin.

The ship's captain Man Sun Song, 65, political officer Dong Song Choi, 61, first mate Man Jin Ri and chief engineer Ju Chon Ri, both 51, pleaded not guilty to the charge which carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Mr Keelty indicated that he believed the North Korean government had at least some involvement in the smuggling operation. "Just how much government involvement is hard to establish, particularly now that those four that were not convicted this week got off," he said.
"So it's a bit hard for me now to say that there's any direct evidence of the involvement of the North Korean government.

"But clearly an operation of that size doesn't get underway without some sort of ... significant support not only to get the heroin into North Korea but to get a vessel from that side of world over to Lorne in Victoria does require significant resourcing and support."

Chess Clock

I bought an antique chess clock for A$35. Looks pretty cool.

Its a bakelite BHB (Made in West Germany) mechanical clock. I like the fact that the edges are curved.

It might need a service. But that'd cost like A$60 here.


BTW, that "speeding" traffic offence took place 3 months ago. But I'm still unhappy about it. Its quite criminally how the State govt are using speed cameras as revenue raising devices. They seem to place so little importance on rape or other serious offences and go for soft targets- like normal law abidding citizens who will pay their fines. Victoria earns over $400 million dollars in speed fine cameras a year. Not to mention the amount of cash earned by local councils through parking infringements.

Meanwhile Bracks let in a convicted rapist into this state. After the rapist raped and killed two innocent women, Bracks was quick to defend his own actions by saying it was part of the system. Wtf?? how about the safety of the public you swore to protect??? Bracks also said he didn't have time to legislate against that sort of thing. The neighbors weren't warned by his past. I doubt whether the police came over to question him every now and then. The authorities took the moronic approach that- hey he's ok now, he promised us he won't rape and murder again. Doesn't it make your blood boil when the govt who is suppose to protect you- goes out of their way to fine you for petty crimes whilst taking a lazy approach towards hardened criminals? Its a crazy world.

Speed Cameras

I got caught by a speed camera on Blackburn Road- next to the big Burwood Kmart place. There I was driving at 9am in my old 1965 Beetle. The road is practically deserted. Frankly, my eyes are looking at the road, and I wasn't concentrating about the speed. Apparently the camera caught me doing 75 in a 70 zone. They gave me an allowance of 3km. So I was breaking the Law by 2km. I got fined $135. I hope that they'll also have fines for politicians who lie and break promises. We won't ask for much- just 1% of the total cost of the lie. So Steve Bracks would have pay several million dollars for lying for his promise not to toll the new Frankston freeway. That'd be the day.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Geez Australia is a crim's paradise

In recent news, two deported serial burglers have been ALLOWED to return back to Australia. In return for this act of compassion, one of them will SUE the Australian govt. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

From "The Australian" newspaper
Deported burglar to return and sue March 03, 2006
DEPORTED former drug addict and burglar Robert Jovicic will demand compensation from the Government after Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone agreed last night to allow him to return from Serbia.Three months after Mr Jovicic launched a campaign, which began when he camped on the steps of the Australian embassy in Belgrade, Senator Vanstone has agreed on compassionate grounds to let him come home. The backdown follows the minister's decision to allow paranoid schizophrenic heroin addict and convicted burglar Ali Tastan, 43, to return to Australia.


Thursday, March 02, 2006


The weather is sooo hot. But I don't really mind.

I found this site - its about women humor written by a woman.

Quite funny.

Make me a drink, dear...

Check it out... hmmm....

I prefer Kalua with coke. For some reason- it doesn't work in Asia. The coke comes out flat due to the alcohol- or that what the head waiteress at L'Orient? told me.

Anyhow, it comes out ok here.

1. You can a glass tumbler (that's a short chubby glass that holds about a cup of water)
2. fill it with ICE. Not just one cube- but fill it up - five if you fit it in.
3. Then you pour the Kalua in.
4. Then you pour in the coke.
5. The coke head rushes to the top. So be careful. Top it up.

If you want to make a sypder- put in a scoop of vanila ice-cream. Yum.


I sent this poem in for a competition being organised by the Elephant and Coral in Singapore last year July 2004. I got invited by the organisers to a wine, chesse and oyster party in September. But I couldn't go as I was already in Melbourne.

"My Love is like the Spring that blossoms"
Spring comes forth like my young Love.
Eager, yet shy, beneath her youthful gaze hides unboundable pure joy.
As she moves, the whole life-force of Creation walks with her
As she smiles, time itself stopped to admire her
The flowers blossomed when she kissed
The butterflies came as she sang.
Oh, how she enchanted me so.

But Winter has come, and Spring has died
And my young love is no more
The Silent Darkness is creeping inside
Making known its insidious presence with mocking contempt for life.
I sit in the cold and wait for the night to come
When she and I will be as one.

(I think I should have deleted the 2nd part)

The Inevitable Downfall of Feminism

I read this today. It has quite a lot of interesting points. Read it if you're interested. Just try and maintain an impartial objective view on the whole matter.

Here's an excerpt

"Tomorrow’s children, therefore, unlike members of the postwar baby boom generation, will be for the most part descendants of a comparatively narrow and culturally conservative segment of society. To be sure, some members of the rising generation may reject their parents’ values, as always happens. But when they look around for fellow secularists and counterculturalists with whom to make common cause, they will find that most of their would-be fellow travelers were quite literally never born."

Read more here :

Please note that the author is not condoning male tyannical societies where the abuse of women is OK or that women should submit to an abusive unloving husband or father.

I think its just in the natural cycle of things that partriachies and feminist thought revolve around each other like the Yin and Yang. One side rises and the other declines. Eventually, in perhaps 100 hundred years from now we'll be back to the same position.