Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Postage issues eBay

Sometimes I get complacent and I do silly things. Like this one. Looks pretty doesn't it? I bought it for what I thought was a bargin 4 pounds.

The postage - however read - 16 pounds couriered. But I thought that would negotiable. Usually it is - theoretically the seller gains nothing from the postage. Theoretically, that is. Often the sellers would put in handling costs into the postage. So if the postage cost $1- some sellers will charge $10 and cream off the rest.

Anyhow - the guy wouldn't budge or be flexible in the shipping arrangements and demanded I pay up immediately and honor the payment.

Arghhh.... so in the end I had to pay 20 British pounds for it.

Drat. My fault.

But the plate still looks pretty doesn't it?

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