Saturday, March 25, 2006

Firefox Rocks!

No, not the movie. Firefox: the internet browser! As u know u can catch computer viruses by visiting corrupt or dubious or fake sites- a bit like eating at dubious unhygienic asian restaurants. Read more for details:

(Basically try and use an alternative browser like Mozilla's Firefox instead of Microsoft's Internet Explorer

Click here to get some!!! )

Anyhow read on:

Critical flaw bites IE browser By Louisa HearnMarch 24, 2006 - 3:48PM

Internet Explorer has fallen into the spotlight this week following a series of security alerts, the latest of which has been deemed "extremely critical". According to security company Secunia, the latest vulnerability could give a remote attacker the ability to take over a fully patched Windows XP system.

Security companies believe the flaw could potentially be exploited by malicious parties sending out an email to lure users into clicking on a link to a site. From there code would be downloaded allowing a third party to take over the system.

Secunia categorises the flaw "extremely critical" and advises users to disable a function called 'active scripting' in IE which would effectively block any attack.

Microsoft confirmed it was aware of the flaw which affects IE version 6 and 7 Beta 2 preview and said (when they get off their fat asses eating donuts and counting their millions of dollars in company options) it would address it in a future security update.

"We're going to continue to look into this but remind you also that safe browsing practices can help here, like only visiting trusted websites, etc," said a post on the Microsoft Security Response Centre blog.

(Good grief! Not again. I can't believe that Microsoft is the richest software company in the universe and it can't even keep up with security issues for its products. Boy do they suck. You would have thought that they would have a whole building filled with eager smart programmers figuring out ways to make their software more secure.)

Anyhow - Neither vulnerability affects alternative web browsers such as Firefox. Get it here:

Well what are you waiting for???

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