Monday, March 06, 2006

Victorian Justice System

Read this in online news today. Boy, the Victorian Justice system is filled with a bunch of pro-commie lawyers. The bloody North Korean Govt is up to its eyeballs selling illicit drugs on a massive scale. And they let the officers of the ship go scot-free. Good god, they were carrying $160,000,000 worth of heroin. Duh, I'm sure they didn't know about their own cargo.

Australia should stop its aid to North Korea- and ban all trade going to that country. Oh wait. Maybe we can import all the pro communist, left-wingers over to North Korea instead. Since they hate Australia so much- its better that they go to a "better place". (What do u mean North Korea is not a "better place" comrade? lol)
AAP News
Authorities will destroy the North Korean freighter used to import 150kg of heroin in Australia, Federal Police chief Mick Keelty says. The Pong Su, which weighs more than 3,500 tonnes, has been berthed in Sydney since it was seized three years ago after a four-day chase by Australian soldiers, federal police and customs officers. Four Pong Su officers accused of aiding and abetting the importation of heroin worth more than $160 million were acquitted and released on Sunday.

The owners of the Pong Su are considering suing the Australian government over the seizure of the ship and loss of earnings over the three-year period. The Pong Su has been costing Australian taxpayers about $2,500 a day while the four accused's taxpayer-funded defence has been estimated at up to $3 million. Solicitor for captain Man Sun Song and the Pong Su Shipping Company, Jack Dalziel, said he was under instructions to consider compensation for significant loss of earnings.

After almost seven months of evidence and 10 days of deliberations, a Victorian Supreme Court jury found the four officers not guilty of aiding and abetting the importation of a commercial quantity of heroin.

The ship's captain Man Sun Song, 65, political officer Dong Song Choi, 61, first mate Man Jin Ri and chief engineer Ju Chon Ri, both 51, pleaded not guilty to the charge which carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Mr Keelty indicated that he believed the North Korean government had at least some involvement in the smuggling operation. "Just how much government involvement is hard to establish, particularly now that those four that were not convicted this week got off," he said.
"So it's a bit hard for me now to say that there's any direct evidence of the involvement of the North Korean government.

"But clearly an operation of that size doesn't get underway without some sort of ... significant support not only to get the heroin into North Korea but to get a vessel from that side of world over to Lorne in Victoria does require significant resourcing and support."

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