Thursday, March 02, 2006


I sent this poem in for a competition being organised by the Elephant and Coral in Singapore last year July 2004. I got invited by the organisers to a wine, chesse and oyster party in September. But I couldn't go as I was already in Melbourne.

"My Love is like the Spring that blossoms"
Spring comes forth like my young Love.
Eager, yet shy, beneath her youthful gaze hides unboundable pure joy.
As she moves, the whole life-force of Creation walks with her
As she smiles, time itself stopped to admire her
The flowers blossomed when she kissed
The butterflies came as she sang.
Oh, how she enchanted me so.

But Winter has come, and Spring has died
And my young love is no more
The Silent Darkness is creeping inside
Making known its insidious presence with mocking contempt for life.
I sit in the cold and wait for the night to come
When she and I will be as one.

(I think I should have deleted the 2nd part)

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