Thursday, March 02, 2006

Make me a drink, dear...

Check it out... hmmm....

I prefer Kalua with coke. For some reason- it doesn't work in Asia. The coke comes out flat due to the alcohol- or that what the head waiteress at L'Orient? told me.

Anyhow, it comes out ok here.

1. You can a glass tumbler (that's a short chubby glass that holds about a cup of water)
2. fill it with ICE. Not just one cube- but fill it up - five if you fit it in.
3. Then you pour the Kalua in.
4. Then you pour in the coke.
5. The coke head rushes to the top. So be careful. Top it up.

If you want to make a sypder- put in a scoop of vanila ice-cream. Yum.

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