Tuesday, March 14, 2006

People are a funny lot

Meanwhile whilst millions of Africans are living under murderous corrupt despotic governments in Africa who are taking the entire continent down to hell, North Koreans endure a total nutcase for a leader, some people here in Australia can make the claim that "Australia has never, ever been so bloody cruel (and are)... the harshest bastards on earth". http://www.slattsnews.observationdeck.org/?cat=1

I saw the depressing movie Lords of War today. Basically about an arms dealer (Nicolas Cage) who goes about selling weapons to despots. It made the claim- if he didn't do it- someone else would have. He also made the nillistic comment- "Evil prevails."

No, evil prevails BECAUSE good men do nothing.

But really the problem- is a lack of order. (Now don't raise your eyebrows here). Order is usually associated with dirty symbolism or with tyrannies. Rebellion, rebels are so much more "romantic", esp. in the West. Hence the films "Rebel without a Cause", "Star Wars", the cuban guerrilla fighter- Che, films about the US Confederacy- despite its pro-slavery stance.

But seriously, if there was good governance, good officials in charge, and an orderly and sensible approach to running society, - there would be no place for arms dealer to make a "killing", pardon the pun. A good working civil government- may be boring- and may not inspire any good movies. But it leads to stable working environments, trade, and a healthy living world for the whole community.

In places like South Africa, Zimbabwe - there was a time when good governance was in place- it wasn't perfect, it was a colonial system but it worked. Zimbabwe was once a rich nation and a net exporter of food- now its a state that depends on UN welfare. Look at South Africa- it was once the Diamond of Africa- look at it now- who are the dreamers who placed the ANC in charge?


Somehow people got it into their heads that once you removed the colonial system and put natives into power- things would get better.

It didn't.

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