Sunday, March 19, 2006


I played paintball this morning with the boys from Rowville (ACF church) at Wallan.

Planet Paintball and Laser Skirmish315 South Mountain RoadWallan EastVIC 3756Australia

It was very exhilarating. Got quite a lot of kills- but my aiming deteriorated dramatically at the end of the the 3rd game. It was a great fight. We had 22 people playing in a heavily forested area the size of a small soccer field. Plenty of cover- trees, shurbs, grass, ferns, trenches, barricades, and wooden fortifications.

I had a few amazing heart pounding moments- esp. when I led the charge to take control of enemy positions. One awesome moment came when I ran past an enemy stronghold- and caught 5 guys shooting the other way. I shot at one- and yelled to the others- surrender or die!!! I thought I was a gonna for sure. There was another guy hidden in the trees- but thankfully- my other team mates for him.

Most of the time- it just requires patience. You need to wait, move into position, wait and wait somemore. Then when the enemy is looking the other way- you pounce and get them.

Most of the time- it just requires very good coordination- if the team worked together- it worked well. Ferry and Sam's team seemed to get the hang of things - when they launched a hard right flanking assault- whilst our side got bogged down attacking their left. We could see them advancing - but we were too far away to help. FnS's team won that game. Well done to them!!! Fortunately, for us- their coordination didn't last. In the next match- they decided to get too defensive and hold back. That's fine- but they didn't maintain a 180degree watch. Whilst our team maintained pressure on all flanks- we managed to creep up and get them.

In another hard won game, I also got a bit lucky and surprised their attacking force. I was somewhere in the middle when I saw their attacking force again advancing to our left. I left my position and ran backwards fast. I totally surprised them. I had my gun to the guy's head before screaming SURRENDER OR DIE!!! He must have crapped his pants. I should have shot his partner first though. He was a bit far off and ducked behind a tree and started shooting back. Fortunately, I got him.

My aiming was really horrible after all that running. I still hadn't mastered the skill of shooting and running at the same time. I tend to shoot hip style so that I maintain a wide visual perspective. You have to quickly use old fashion aim, point, shoot- to score effectively.

It wasn't like the place in Ecuhca where it was a flat dust bowl- and a few balls of hay and several dozen players squashed inside.

In the past, paintball was banned in Victoria- and you had to drive 3 hours to the border towns or NSW to play it. Our glorious govt was planning to legislate paintball as a non-firearm but after the Port Arthur massacre (where a deranged psychopath shot 50+ people) anything that looked like a gun or anyone who were interested in anything like guns were anathema. Never mind the fact that a paintball gun just shoots paintballs. God knows with that kind of logic- the govt here should have banned the koran because Islamic Terrorist read that book. They have recently relaxed the legislation. It seems the current police minister is a paintball fan.

The paintball place provided the standard helmet that looked like a dirt bike helmet- had goggles, a visor, and also gave us a small throat wraparound- which was suppose to protect the throat.

Yet a couple of guys got injuries to the neck and arms. Next time, things to bring are a beanie hat, leather gloves, open faced balaclava or a loose neck ring, a camo netting scarf. The open faced balaclava- similar to the type used by racing car pit crews- should protect protection for the neck and ears. The beanie hat will be an excellent protector for the head and ears. The camo netting scarf will protect your neck. The balaclava will provide protection for your ears and exposed parts of your neck. A small bum bag would be useful to carry a waterbottle and some chocolate bars.

Whatever happens you don't want to get hit in the ear or neck - it hurts like hell- and in the case of a shot in the ear - can lead to permanent major damage. So wear the gear!!

Play in the morning. Get there early. By afternoon the sun is well and truly up, and with all your gear on- it becomes too hot to play. You'll end up taking off your stuff- and get shot and injured.

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