Monday, March 06, 2006


BTW, that "speeding" traffic offence took place 3 months ago. But I'm still unhappy about it. Its quite criminally how the State govt are using speed cameras as revenue raising devices. They seem to place so little importance on rape or other serious offences and go for soft targets- like normal law abidding citizens who will pay their fines. Victoria earns over $400 million dollars in speed fine cameras a year. Not to mention the amount of cash earned by local councils through parking infringements.

Meanwhile Bracks let in a convicted rapist into this state. After the rapist raped and killed two innocent women, Bracks was quick to defend his own actions by saying it was part of the system. Wtf?? how about the safety of the public you swore to protect??? Bracks also said he didn't have time to legislate against that sort of thing. The neighbors weren't warned by his past. I doubt whether the police came over to question him every now and then. The authorities took the moronic approach that- hey he's ok now, he promised us he won't rape and murder again. Doesn't it make your blood boil when the govt who is suppose to protect you- goes out of their way to fine you for petty crimes whilst taking a lazy approach towards hardened criminals? Its a crazy world.

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