Monday, March 06, 2006

Speed Cameras

I got caught by a speed camera on Blackburn Road- next to the big Burwood Kmart place. There I was driving at 9am in my old 1965 Beetle. The road is practically deserted. Frankly, my eyes are looking at the road, and I wasn't concentrating about the speed. Apparently the camera caught me doing 75 in a 70 zone. They gave me an allowance of 3km. So I was breaking the Law by 2km. I got fined $135. I hope that they'll also have fines for politicians who lie and break promises. We won't ask for much- just 1% of the total cost of the lie. So Steve Bracks would have pay several million dollars for lying for his promise not to toll the new Frankston freeway. That'd be the day.

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