Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Americans sure can write

An American family tries to live without buying a single product "Made in China". Initially, I thought they were devout Buddist or Christians who were trying to protest against the human rights abuses in China and Tibet.

But no.

They were just trying because it was "interesting". They also wrote a book about their experiences.

.... Hmmm... some people write about their experiences in a year in Tibet, Afganistan, Kathmandu, the jungles of New Guinea with cannibal tribesmen... and now "A Year without Chinese made goods" ... aiyoh... only an American can write this sort of thing... What next? "Five Minutes without breathing air".

Check it out here: http://biz.yahoo.com/rb/070630/books_madeinchina.html?.v=1&.pf=family-home


lucky tan said...

No "made in China"? ...I'm just trying to avoid eating "made in china" food given the contamination.

I think it is a good theme for a book. It is so difficult these days to not buy anything made in China. Even the iPhone is probably made in China or has chinese parts.

I recently bought 48 AA size batteries for S$1...yes S$1. I bought a wall clock for $3 and a pair of goggles for $1. All made in China.

I think it is about time China pay its workers higher. Does it matter if the 48 batteries cost $1 or $2?

Yauming YMC said...

You forget. China is still a communist nation. The workers work for their own pleasure not profit. :)

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