Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another South Korean Hostage Killed

Its tragic to see the group of Korean medical workers kidnapped this war. As a guy, my concerns are more for the women though. I find it very absolutely repungnant at the thought of the women being tortured or abused by the Taliban. It just sickens me. Even more so that they went to that shithole to help the Afghans.

Apparently, the Afghans have a bizarre sense of honor - they feel disgraced that foreigners come and assist their countrymen, esp. the women and children. To avenge that shame, the men feel obliged to go and kill them. Barbarians.

Perhaps the best way is to deport the entire Afghan populace and shift them to the four corners of the earth. Leave the whole place barren and a human free zone for the next 50 years.


adelyn kwan said...

I saw the news as well, been following this one for the past few days and frankly speaking I'm not surprised that there's another killing. I wouldn't even be if they decided to wipe them all out.

Yauming YMC said...

Well we can still pray for them. If they are martyred, as a Christian I know they will be in a better place.

Jason Mullinder said...

The way they can justify these and other actions is deplorable. Always we see a few proud idiots ruin things for those they supposedly love.
Challenges how far we can show compassion, and what extent we are called to.

Yauming YMC said...

Well, Jesus left Heaven and the presence of the Father to live in a dung hole to converse with sinners and idiots. His earthly reward was flogging and crucification.