Monday, July 30, 2007

Nutcase burns down Old Nutcase's Trailer

What would you do if you were made fun online?

This person, a navy tech training to use advanced missile systems, drove over 2000 miles to burn this other guy's home.

Actually I reckon its great that the navy guy snapped now. Imagine how he would have reacted if he finished his naval weapon training - got posted onto a ship with missiles or worse, nukes.

Then - in this imaginary hypothetical - after he got duped or (thought he was duped) by a seller from China on eBay- decided to launch his ship weapons at the seller's home.

WWIII over an eBay item. lol. That would rock the history books.

WW1 sparked by the assasination of an assasination of an Archduke Ferdinard and his wife.
WW2 sparked by the invasion of Poland by Adolph Hitler's Nazi Germany
WW3 sparked by eBay item 9035782919

What next? Maybe we'll see an astronaut drive all the way across America nonstop to kidnap her lover's girlfriend. LOL. Its already happened.


Jason Mullinder said...

Hmmmmm Revenge of the Nerds 3 - Nuclear Holocaust.
The extent people go to over a little name calling, ironic the teasing graphic posted by the victim.

Jeremy N said...

Don't mess with us nerds....... =P
Remember the video clip titled: "Ever thought of what you might be doing to other people while playing CS"?