Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Australian justice

I'm sure this makes sense to some people.

Victorian justice, part one:

A driver who rammed a speed camera car when he realised he had been snapped speeding was today given a one-year jail term ... “Your offending behaviour in this case was outrageous. It involved you using the vehicle as a weapon for an unprovoked attack on an innocent victim,” Judge Lawson said.

Victorian justice Part Two, A teenage girl who admitted punching her newborn son to death was sentenced today to a three-year good behaviour bond ... Justice Bernard Bongiorno told her: “I am not going to send you to jail”.

(Sent to me via Andrew H. By contributor Alan R.M. Jones)

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Jason Mullinder said...

It is quite appaling, been through the court stystem for various forms of delinquincy in times of irresponsability, not hard done by but have seen agreement from some in the system when I voiced opinions of the hypocrisy and inadequecy.