Friday, July 20, 2007

Some nations don't deserve independence

Read this story - three African Warlords are convicted of mass rape, murder, looting, mutilations, and the enslavement of children as soldiers.

Together they must have destroyed the lives of tens of thousands of people, including women and children.

Their sentence - 50 years in European jails in Sweden and Austria, practically Club Med in comparison to the sufferings they inflicted on their victims.

No doubt after 5 years in their comfortable jail with dvd, central heating, monthly conjuglar visits, broadband access, regular medical and dental attention, several post-grad degrees, and the required psychological counselling, they'll be set free and certified ok. They will then write a New York Times best selling book about their experiences filled with the appropriate amount of contrition - and of course railing against America- before settling in Amsterdam or Greenwich Village as highly paid counsultants on Africa.

IMHO, they should be flogged, drawn and quartered and etc.. all their followers put to the sword. Anyhow, read the article.

Sierra Leone Generals get 50 years for war crimes. Big Deal

It sickens me to read about such stories. Sierra ought to be recolonized by the European nations. In fact, all of Africa ought to just go back to being under European rule. Look at South Africa. Now free from Apartheid, thanks Bono!!!, its slowly descending to utter chaos.

The problem with Africa is not a lack of aid but a lack of good civil government, and a honest effective police force and administration. Law and order. These are the sorts of things most of us take for granted. But they are so vital to life. Ever since the African nations achieved independence, they've just spiralled downwards to total anarchy.

Any aid sent to Africa will usually end up in the bank accounts of the same corrupt fiends who caused the problem in the first place. Read here for more.

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