Friday, July 13, 2007

Decision Making

(I remarked on this in my previous post... but I feel strongly enough about this to discuss it further. Its actually common sense).

Decision making processes are rarely perfect. You have to allow for errors in judgement. That is the mark of maturity: that when things go or seem to go wrong- we can pause and reevaluate. Of course, too much self-analysis leads to introspection which leads to doubt which leads to uncertainty.

But decision making is always a balancing act. If we go - hell for leather all the time. And refuse to allow for any clarification or critical thought- we are going to be doomed for failure. We're going to be totally lost. Its like failing to read the map properly and just walking onwards- refusing to ask for directions.

Let me put it bluntly: if we refuse to even consider that we are wrong even when the evidence suggests otherwise. If we assume that every decision we make is correct. If we mistake stubborness and sheer pride or wilful defiance  - for bravery, integrity and loyalty - disaster will be inevitable and it will come hard. Very hard.

It doesn't matter how many victories we have- eventually one day you'll mess up; everyone  has a bad day. And if we lack the maturity to deal with that one failure- we'll be unable to recover from that disaster and just keep on plowing on.

One terrible thing I've seen is when people hold fast to bad decisions- and somehow circumstances result in a positive result. They tend hold onto the flawed thinking that brought them their earlier successes and refuse to change one iota. Study History. Study Hitler. He's a classical case of this.

Positive Results are often gained by right strategies and thinking. True. But occasionally, positive results can be gained by poor decisions. Stubborness and sheer willpower can lead to spectacular success.

But life is not a sprint. Its a marathon. And endless race.

We have in our hands something that can help us reach the finishing line victorious - that is - a critical mind.

I'm not talking about a critical spirit nor am I proposing that we enter into every single deal with backward glances at every step.

I'm talking about a rational mind. A mind that thinks for itself. A mind that studies the evidence every carefully and weighs up the conflicting factors. A mind that does not bog down on the details and cannot see the forest but only a piece of wood.

The process in attaining this mindset- is called maturity.


Next : Emotions in Decision making. Or why choosing a certain person as your marriage partner - husband/wife - can be your worse decision ever.

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