Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Art of Switching Off

One of my friends remarked on Sunday - that I was a very easy, calm sort of person to be with.

I tend to be like that- esp when my companions - appear under stress. I figured no point if everyone goes nuts at the same time :)

So what's the secret?  ... Its hard to say it in a few words... but one method is this:

Close your eyes.

Take a deep long continous breathe through your nostrils. "Feel" the air hitting the back of your head.

As you breathe deeply - let your chest and body rise up as the top part of your lungs fill up with air. Feel your spine stiffen slightly and straighten.

Don't breathe til you feel your lungs hurt. Take in something like 70% - 80%. This might take some practise.

Concentrate on the technique. Focus on this and nothing else.

Hold your breathe - count 1, 2, 3 slowly in your mind. Then slowly release the air through your mouth.

Do this for five minutes or until it becomes a natural movement - meaning you don't think about it.

Zone out: Let your mind detatch, forget about your problems, relax.

Sounds so cliched, I know. But try it. It works. You need to unwind. You need to detatch yourself from time to time otherwise you'll just go nuts.

And remember some problems aren't meant to be fixed- but to be experienced... sadly.

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