Sunday, July 22, 2007

Where is Midway?

(This is something I wrote awhile back in my old blogger account... but I thought I'd add it into my multiply blog to accompany the previous post. Rereading this, its funny how things remain the same.)

Running is a terribly boring event- from one point of view. What's the purpose anyhow? You're just running to get fit. But you're also running nowhere. In the ancient past, humans had to run- to deliver stuff- messages, food, medicine etc.. It meant something. Now you're just running for the sake of  health. Our ancestors would probably laugh at us.

Listening to running music helps me run and get into that mythical zone. Its a bit like praying or meditation. Your body metabolism starts to kick in- your brain starts pumping endorphins. Your heart starts beating faster... And you are just in an amazing place.

A word of caution. Listening to your mp3 or cd player when running outside in the open is dangerous. You can't hear traffic or the fellow thats creepying around the corner. Women runners also face the dangers of sexual assault, even in busy public parks. Stay alert, be careful.

Waking up at 6 in the morning by the horrible ring of an alarm clock, gritting your teeth in bold determination- doesn't quite help. I get my hifi player to schedule a song from Last of the Mohicans soundtrack - I think its called the Deer Hunt or Promontory. It starts off with a dull slow drum beat. That's the first thing i hear in the morning. Then I put on my running gear, put on my CD walkman, and out the door I go. No fuss. No need for car keys. No traffic. Just Go!

I love running to the park near my Melbourne home- Ruffey's Park. Its about 3km there. The walk/run circuit in Ruffey's Park is about 4 km. Then its another 3km run back home. Total 10k. Ordinarily, I'd only be able to run 5 km. But by taking this run- as opposed to multiple circuits or treadmill - I push myself to run that much extra. Once I reach the half way mark, somehow the run back home - flies by. I know I'm running back. Every step is a step closer to home. I distract myself by thinking of taking a hot shower, hot breakfast, hot brewed coffee. mmm.

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