Monday, July 30, 2007

Mr Coughalot

Woke up this Sunday with totally no improvement in my throat. I developed a slight cough with flam midweek. I didn't want to go to choir. ... I still went. But honestly it was hard to concentrate.

Our bass section is weak. We only have three bass singers currently including me - one of them, Mr Coughalot is a total millstone. The other just joined us and is inexperienced.

I'm afraid I sang rather poorly. I missed coming in at the right moment at times. Its just terrible.

I don't read music and with the sore throat - there's just no confidence to sing at the right levels.

It wouldn't be so bad if there were other (good) bass singers but we don't have them. We needed a bit more practice this morning. But its hard to concentrate when we have Mr Coughalot on our team.

He doesn't sing. He coughs. Badly. I suspect he has either TB or at the very least a severe case of bronchitis.

I can't concentrate with Coughalot - coughing every three seconds. Its made worse cause we are all in an enclosed small air con room for our practises.

For the love of God, why does he even join the practise if he can't sing??

Is he coming due to a misguided sense of zeal - that he feels that participating shows his love for Christ and his commitment???

I asked him that last week- I just told him straight out- look you're not well, please go home and get some rest!!!! Instead, he giggled and said he loved singing.

(But his throat is totally shot due to his cough and he can't... SING!!! And meanwhile he's spewing his germs in a small entire room!!! Can't anyone see that??? ARGHHH!!!!!)

This is totally idiotic. He's an adult of 50 years of age. Surely he has some brains to realize the total madness of his actions.)

Now, just bloody great, I (probably) caught his infection and my throat is currently raspy as a sandpaper. I don't have a cough tho. Drinking plenty of water seems to help.

Yes, by all means serving in the choir is a service to God- but if you can't sing due to illness for God sake don't turn up and infect everyone else.

(Update: I had a terrible time last night. Woke up several times - coughing, hacking away, arghh!!! Goddamn it !!! )

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