Friday, July 20, 2007

Managing Risk - Braking and Praying

This is probably one of the most important things you need to learn in life.

Managing Risk.

Everyday we take risk - we take risk with the friends we keep - the hobbies you do - where we live - how we cross the road.

In God we trust. Thats what we Christians believe in.

But God gave us all a brain. We should certainly use it.

Prayer is crucial but clearly God has give us some responsibilities. When we drive and come to a red traffic light- the first thing we ought to do is to slow down and start braking - not praying.

Have you ever met a Christian driver who started speaking in tongues, raising his hands, closing his eyes when approaching a Stop Sign?

Of course, if the brakes failed because we didn't bother sending the car in for service in the last 5 years - then we better start praying. But then whose fault is it? Don't blame Satan.

The reason why a lot of males from the ages of 3 - 30 get into accidents is cause we often believe that we are invincible, no fear, we totally ignore the risks and do stupid stuff - like jumping off cliffs into shallow pools, driving at high speeds drunk or stoned, or in my case - trying to slide down the staircase bannister at the extreme highest point at age 3, and allowing myself to be placed into my tricycle and pushed off our 50m steep driveway that leads onto a public road, etc.. God knows why I'm still alive today.

I have the misfortune to meet people who don't know the meaning of risk- who think that life is only about results- but never consider that success is not always dependent on will power, and mindless fervent praying.

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