Saturday, July 21, 2007

Living with a monster

The Dragon
Stay close to the monster
Under her dreadful gaze
Beneath the chest of armor
Lies her sad beating heart









I'm living with a monster. I didn't create it. I warned people about it. And I helped to fix up the horrendous mess it made two years ago which nearly destroyed my family.

Everyone tells me advice that I know its wrong. I know that if I had followed their advice - things would have ended up in disaster.

But frankly its easy for them to say such things. They won't be the ones fixing or cleaning the mess. So its easy for them to be glib about it.

Right now, lets see how things go. Take things one day at a time. In life, some problems are meant to be endured. No amount of huffing will make Winter pass any quicker.

At the moment, things look hopefully. But destruction looms around the corner.

I long for the day when my position is secured, the war is ended, and I can be free of this burden.

But is that what I've become? Just a fighter in a stupid war.


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