Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Dad, His Kid, a Taxi @ KTV and a myopic student

Funny thing I saw at a KTV taxi stand. Well, I was there with my friend and his baby boy.

My friend and I had gone out for dinner- at this pretty good Chicken Rice restaurant at the corner of Short Street and Middle Road - he brought along his kid who fell asleep during the meal.

We were walking home when my friend said - bugger it- let's take a cab. He was carrying his kid asleep on his shoulder.

There was a taxi stand outside a popular KTV bar nearby - so we waited. Within a few minutes - a cab pulled over to drop off one of the KTV girls. We waited for her to get off, but as she did this mainlander student jumped straight in. Maybe he didn't see us- but I doubt it cos we were standing next to the cab.

The taxi driver stared at us in puzzlement- I rolled my eye balls and looked at my friend- who was pretty pissed off carrying his baby boy and all.

Then suddenly I hear this : "HEY @#$%er!!!!" Its my friend and Daddy's mad.

"GET THE @#$% out !!!!!!!!!!"

Then he went over to the taxi and tapped on the window, yanked open the car door, peered at the student, and said, "YOU DAMN WELL KNOW WHAT YOU DID!!!!! GET THE @#$ OUT!!!!"

Now my friend weighs about 150kg- he's six feet tall and looks like a Sumo Wrestler. And when he's mad- he looks positively terrifying. He could scare the pants off Genghis Khan.

Plus he's got his sleeping baby kid over his shoulder... lol.

Not too sure what the mainlander must have thought. But with my friend grabbing him by the shoulder, he didn't have much of an option except to get out.

For a second I could see the headlines of tomorrow's tabloid New Paper. "Lone Dad and baby boy placed in detention over taxi fight."

Thankfully, the student didn't put up a fight and was a bit apologetic.

It must have amused the heck out of the KTV car park valets, hostesses, and passers-by. I could hear them exclaiming away in various regional languages - Hokkien, Hindi, n Mandarin about how this big man armed with a sleeping baby boy threatened a fight. I'm sure they've seen fights before - but not with a dad holding his sleeping child.

For me, I just got in the cab - after my friend+kid - and told the taxi driver- "Drive."

He didn't hesistate.

My friend later told me he was just fed up of the student's rude behavior- and felt he needed a good lesson- plus he just wanted to get his kid home to bed.

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