Sunday, July 22, 2007

One Run

A drum beats
My eyes open
Its my CD player waking me up again
I know what I need to do
No need to think
Just do
I change, lace my shoes
The air is cold
The sky is dark
But the drum is beating
My Sony urges me out of the door
Its cold
I start my run
There's a slight wind
I shiver and I run faster
Must go.
Cannot stop.
Run to the park
Run Back
Get the pace going
Feel the heart pumping
Must keep going
The music has a steady beat
It keeps me going
Up a Hill
Down another hill
I reach the midway point
Pass the tree on the hill by the park
Pass the house with the rose garden
Then my body knows its now back
It knows we're going home
Hot Shower
The new cereal I got the other day
Hot Toast with butter and honey
Freshly Ground Coffee
I could run through a wall now
I'm tired, cold and hungry
My lungs feel burning
And the only thing between me and home
Are 5 more Ks.
Each step brings me closer to home.
Each step brings me closer to home.
I run faster
I see my house now.
Its beautiful.
Everything conspires now to make me run
My Hunger
My Cold
My Need to get cleansed
My need to rest
I run
I run to that goal

A sense of completion
The scent of victory
My heart is ticking like a clock
I've finished my run
And it makes me feel alive.

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