Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kapalai Sipadan 2007

Special thanks to Jo for posing this shot for me. The combination of colors makes for beautiful art.

We stayed at this resort at Kapalai (near Sipadan) built on a submerged coral atoll - no beach but it has its own coral reef. Its at the North East Corner of Borneo Island, East Malaysia. One of the most happiest holidays in my life. I got to know a great bunch of people- Gem, Stephen, Arnaud, Taitti, Joseph, and Josie and we hit it off straight away. There hasn't been a month when I wonder where they are and what they are doing.

I took all these photos using my Canon IXUS40. Amazing photos for a compact point and shoot.


Natalie Yap said...

looks awesome! where is kapalai and how does one get there?

Yauming YMC said...

You get there via ferry from Semporna, a town off East Malaysia, Borneo.

But first you get to Senai, Johor airport- then Air Asia to Tawa - then the Kapalai resort bus will take you to Semporna. Return Airfare will be about RM450.

(Best to take a Malaysian Cab Service - its cheap- only $80 for the hire of the cab- and the drive will pick you pick at your home in Singapore- call Evelyn on 0197799012)

Most likely you would get there too late for the resort ferry. So you stay a night at Semporna. Cost about RM60 per room at the 4 star hotel there.

In the morning, the resort bus will take u to the jetty nearby.

Then the Resort ferry will take you to the resort at Kapalai.

To book Kapalai and arrange the above- email Shannel at
Shannel - Pulau Sipadan Resort

A 5 day stay at Kapalai will cost about S$1200 (US$800)- includes air tanks, 3 or 4 dive boat rides a day, dive master guides, food, and yes the accommodation is terrific. Check out the photos. Everyone gets a well designed kampong style chalet that can fit 4 adults. Balcony with a panoramic view of the ocean. Modern sanitary.

Natalie Yap said...

thanks - I shall make a proper hack at it when I'm less destitute :)