Sunday, July 08, 2007

Dinner at Kim Choo - East Coast Road

Just came back from dinner with my sister's relatives-in-laws at a Nonya restaurant at East Coast Road, Singapore - Kim Choo restaurant 109 East Coast Road phone: 6440 5590.

Not too bad. Worthy mentions: The Fish Head curry was delicious. The beef rendang, Sambal Petai, Chicken Bwa kalat, Nor hiang (stuffed fried bean curd skin), and fish maw soup also rate worthy mentions.

I loved the fish head curry- not overtly spicy or hot- just right like Goldilocks' porridge. Eat it hot. It rocks.

The Beef Rendang was excellent- the gravy mixed with the coconut rice was to die for.  But the beef as usual was a bit stringy and not tender. Usually I prefer the shins - which has some nice tasty calcium rich tendons.

I'd skip the lime juice. God knows how lime juice here in Spore can turn bright yellow. I shudder to think about it. (If you want superb lime juice goto the Fort Canning Club's Legends restaurant).

The Chicken Bwa kalat was great too- but my aunt makes it better. I thought it was a bit too bitter- but I guess if you ate it with plenty of rice it'd be fine.

The Nor Hiang was a very generous serving- but with so much good food you'd had to have a Dragon's stomach to appreciate it.

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