Sunday, June 08, 2008

Your Top 5 films

They say the choice of your films is very revealing about your character or at the very least, your taste. So my top five films are - in no particular order

1. Finding Neverland (Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet)
2. Royal Tenenbaums
3. Gattaca
3. Empire Strikes Back
4. Blade Runner
5. Master and Commander

OK. I cheated. But if I have to chose - I'd strike off Empire Strikes Back- largely due to its association with the Ewok Adventure Movie (aka Return of the Jedi) and the other George Lucas wankfest ie Prequels 1 - 3. Nonetheless, I thought Empire Strikes Back was a masterpiece. It had everything. Good acting from Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher (when she wasn't stoned), great pace, great direction, superb sound, and that mega OMG cliffhanger faceoff between Vader and Luke.

More later... its 1.22am and I gotta wake up for church.

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