Friday, June 27, 2008

Omega Watch 50th anniversary badge set

The Omega pins were obtained at the Omega 50th anniversary launch. Part of a private collection.

I took some photos of the badges but I am afraid my photographic skills need some improvement here.

Total of 8 badges. I wrote down the inscriptions. They all have the Omega logo and Speedmaster inscribed on them.

1. Countdown to Mars
2. From the Moon to the Sun (2011)
3. 50th anniversary Speedmaster 1957
4. The First and Only Watch on the Moon Apollo 11 1969
5. Unchanged since 1957
6. Two Superpowers Synchronised Apollo Soyuz 1978
7. Houston We have a Solution Apollo XIII 1970
8. 1968 The Watch that found TRUE NORTH

For details on related items and better looking photos go here:

Check out this photography piece on the Omega Launch. Scroll down to the end and you will see extremely well taken photos of the Omega Speedmaster badges and watches.
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