Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Melbourne Breakfast


Two large sunny side up eggs - fried - with the egg yolk still fluid and not plastic.

Bacon Rashers - fried - big and tasty.

Baked Beans - good quality, slightly sweet, beans not hard, not metallic tasting - Edgells used to have the best.

White Penny Mushrooms - best to not fry them for more than 6 seconds otherwise they soak up the oil and turn into lardballs!

Ripe Tomatoes - I think tomatos anywhere else apart from Singapore - taste sweet and juicy.

Black aromantic arabica coffee - to balance off the sweet taste of the egg and to wake up the brain.

Fresh made bread - a rye and a sour dough - with some butter on top.

Round it off with fresh orange juice.

Oh bliss!!!

And the best part - to have a partner to savor the morning fragrance of the meal, esp. the coffee, and to have a pleasant conversation with.

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