Friday, June 06, 2008

Scuba Diving

I love scuba diving. Its something extraordinary to be in this surreal world if only for less than 60 minutes each time. Its so beautiful.

But just before the dive I am totally tense. 100 things goes raging in my head- is my air ok? did I forget something? what if what if? Then I jump in and descend. And I am totally relaxed - at peace.

I like to jump in first- so that I can take my time and descend at my leisure. Sometimes it takes me ages to equalize. (If I jump in last- the whole darn thing is ruined as I have to scramble my way to the group- and if the current is strong - I face the strong possibility of being swept away and losing the group- a ghastly prospect - it happened nearly once in the Maldives trip).

During the Maldives trip, I discovered the joys of descending head first down - like free falling. You're got to descend below 7m first though- and pump out the excess air. Then roll back- relax - lock your head back and descend down. Its mind blowing as the blood rushes out of your head- and the air bubbles expand- then you equalize upside down. The different posture however may unnerve your dive buddy.

During the dive, I love to swim upside down and gaze at the sky. Its unreal looking up at the sun from under 20m of water. How can you describe the experience of being in an underwater world upside down looking at the sky?

Then I turn, and spin around, and glide. What freedom. Its the closest thing you'll get to being in outerspace.

Whenever I get unhappy. I just close my eyes - and I'm there - gliding into the blue.

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