Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A sad story? Sex and the City

I haven't watched the movie. yet. I didn't really follow the series either. It seemed too introspective and anyway, I'm a guy. I like to watch great period "chick flic" movies like BBC's Pride and Prejudice - but following the emasculating antics of Carrie and friends is akin to a bull watching a bull-fight. Not pretty Jan.

Anyways here's a review that seems ... truthful yet a bit saddening. Click here or the photo.

I certainly hope they don't have Sex and the City when Carrie et al are in their 50s.

And for the record - I think that flower hat on Carrie looks like bizarre, its not working. And what was Cynthia Nixon thinking when she wore that submariner cleavage dress? At 42 you need all the support you can get!!! Horrendous, girlfriend!

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patrick said...

Sex and the City seems to have a polarizing effect on both men and women... people either love the movie or they hate it