Saturday, June 28, 2008

We're winning the war in Iraq - let's retreat now!!!

For some reason even though the West won WW2 - defeated Nazi Germany and Japan - knocked back North Korea and helped to make South Korea the rich society it is now - there are a lot of "intellectuals" who want the West to crumble.

Basically they remind me of the geeks who won't even join debating team and are hoping that their school would lose the football match because they can't stand to see the rest of the school happy. And besides they'd look decidely out of place in the victory party.

They are people who can see the the twig but miss the forest. They harp on and on about how a US soldier defiled a book - which may or may not have happened - and close their ears to the atrocities which are common place - things like female genital mutilation and worse, even defend such barbarity.

They are heirs of the Vietnam protestor generation who protested about the massacre at My Lai by a US platoon and refused to report about the wholesale slaughter of the City of Hue by the communist army nor of the common atrocities committed by the Vietcong.

Anyways, read this article: "We're winning the war against Terror." I just hope that the new US President will carry on assisting the new Iraq govt and prevent it from being toppled over like the Saigon Govt - that would really be a great disaster.

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