Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The day ahead

1. Collect documents from bookkeeper

2. Go see accountant and discuss accounts.

3. Avoid tearing my hair out as I go through the accounts - wtf did the money go???

4. Check share portfolio. Oh look - Intermet Resources ITT has gone up 100%. I didn't realize I was still carrying that baby. Pity I only have 11,000 shares@13cents to begin with. Still made over a grand.

5. Go online and check for ski lodges in Mt Hotham. Crystal Lodges look good.

6. Try and go running in 10C temperature. Bleh.

7. I need a good snuggle.

7.5. No snuggle. So a mindless game of Team Fortress II has to suffice. Barely.

8. Dinner. Make your own. ....


adelyn kwan said...

i want to learn how to ski!!!

Yauming YMC said...

Heehee. Takes about a good 5 days to get the hang of it. No point doing a day trip. Its usually not worth it. 2 days to practice. 1 day to rest cos of falling on the bum. 1 more day to get your technique right. And last day- walah!

adelyn kwan said...

yeah that i know too, for a beginner. I'll love to do a dedicated ski trip next time!