Monday, June 09, 2008

Darjeeling Limited

Genre: Comedy
A great Wes Anderson Production. End of Review.


For those not familar with Wes' work- let me elaborate. The film starts off with a flashback sequence - you see the father Bill Murray running to catch the train - Darjeeling Limited- which coincidentally is the same train his son, Peter (played by Adrian Brody) will also chase to catch many years later. For the psychological drama of it all- we see both of them, father and son, in the same frame. If you don't get it at this point- switch off and go watch Ironman.

The film is about three brothers who go off to India to find their eccentric mother. Their father was killed in a accident but the mother refused to show up for the funeral. The brothers want to know why.

I thought it was well directed- had good pace - great music- maybe it was a bit draggy at the end but overall good fun to watch.

If you like quirky black comedy - this is for you.

4/5 stars

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