Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I dreamt of my father today

One problem I have waking up here in Australia - which I don't in Singpore - is the lack of sunlight in the early morning.

In Singapore- my room is bathed with sunlight at 7am every morning. The sun causes me to wake up naturally - you wake up feeling fresh. Natural is always better. Its estimated that millions of people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)- caused by the lack of sunlight in the morning.

See here for more details : Finally a healthy solution to SAD and here.

Anyways, 8am Melbourne time and my room is still dark. It doesn't help that my room faces West. I've woken up though. But its too cold to get up. So I go back to sleep. And I get weird dreams not pleasent ones with cute chicks, sadly. Hence the term - SAD :)

This time I dreamt I was fixing something or going on a trip with someone. All so ordinary. Just my brain doddling. Then the person - changed into my father - who died many years ago.  It took me a long time to register it. I kept on looking at him, I just couldn't believe it nor was I conscious that it was a dream.

Dad was smiling. He looked younger and healthier - in his early 40s when he was uber strong and fit. He could outrun men half his age. Heck, even when he was in his 60s just before he got the cancer - he looked like he was in his 30s.

He didn't say anything to me. Just smiled in his unassuming way. But I got a feeling that he was pleased with me for some reason. Not that I've done anything fantastic or anything. And in fact he was rather disappointed with me when he passed away over ten years ago. But it was good seeing dad again. He looked wonderful. It felt like he never died.

How strange to feel his presence again. It felt comforting.

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Andrew Hall said...

he probably would be happy. I mean you've made a lot of sacrifices over the years with your mother. Anyone else would have said screw you mum, i'm not going to get involved in your financial mess and you're not pulling me into the shit.