Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pamela's album Maldives Dive Trip 2008

Pamela, Qiao Ling and Tania onboard the MV Eagle Ray. Happy days.

Pamela was one of the divers on the Maldives dive trip. She's an editor from Singapore Cleo magazine. These are her photos take of the trip - mostly of MV Eagle Ray our Live on Board (LoB). She didn't have an underwater housing for her camera, thus no undersea photos. Trust a woman to take photos of the the toilet. lol.

All taken in our dive trip to the Maldives May 23rd - June 2nd 2008.

Great time spent with them. Hope to do it again. :)

Hopefully we won't indulge in a group discussion on the Back Street Boys and Justin Timberlake... haha.

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