Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back in Melbourne

Home is where your heart is. Home is where you feel you belong. Is Melbourne home? Yes and no, I guess. I live in Singapore as well as in Melbourne. I've two places to stay. I honestly can't see myself giving up one for the other any time soon.

But its nice to be back. I love Melbourne's fresh crisp air, that dry clean smell. I love my tudor style home here. I love my neighborhood.

And thankfully I don't hear the sounds of my neighbors (in Singapore) renovating or other banging the pipes just for kicks.

Thankfully, my body seems to be acclimatizing pretty well despite the fact that the temperature has fallen 50%. Its currently about 15C. You have to acclimatize and adjust- but physically as well as mentally- otherwise you'll just end up looking like a bloody eskimo.

Yeah, but its nice to be back. Saw my sister and her family. Tomorrow I'll have a good Aussie breakfast with sunny side up eggs and black fresh roasted coffee. Then cheese and good fresh bread - I'll breathe that fresh cold crisp Melbournian air - close my eyes, relax, and it will be as if I didn't ever leave.

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