Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tooth Problem and a Ratbag Dentist

I just came back from the dentist- had to get a tooth extraction - and bone tooth reinforcement. Spent nearly 5 hours in the dentist chair as they hacked and sawed away at the bone.

Primarily the problem was largely caused by the negligence of a certain old fat Chinese male dentist who operates in Box Hill, Melbourne - who shall remain nameless - unless you ask me in person. The guy was a ratbag - he actually had the gall to work on people's teeth whilst conversing with his stockbroker, banker, estate agent. And while he was NOT talking to someone else on the phone - he'd be flirting with his dental nurse.

He messed up my crown and tooth repair - resulting in the tooth getting infected and - dying in pure agony I might add. His remedy was to tell me to take more painkillers. I took them til my face turned blue and the pain wouldn't stop.

Anyways, the tooth got repaired (5 years ago)  and  unfortunately, it cracked wide open recently - resulting in an infection.

The solution was to remove the entire tooth - and pack it with faux bone reinforcement so that it can be replaced with a titanium faux tooth. (I should say an implant but that sounds too weird - better be Iron Man than Pamela Anderson). 

Unfortunately, there was one tooth fragment that just refused to come out. I think it was stuck to a clot of human tissue. It took the poor doctor nearly 5 hours to pull it out.

Total damage - S$900. Thats about AUD$600.


Andrew Hall said...

thats about the price of a check up out here. haha... not quite, but you know what I mean.

Althea Wong said...

ouch... poor you. hope you're feeling better.

Yauming YMC said...

I think its cheaper to do dental work here. I see the top specialists over here and they charge a fair amount lower than what Aussie dentists charge. The implant will cost about AUD$2500 - $3500 - but in Australia it will cost about A$5000.

Jeremy N said...

Legacy of Dr soh-not-right........ Been there, done that. Thankfully, mine wasn't so bad.