Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tooth Problem

I just spent nearly 5 hours at the dentist to get a bad tooth removed. I suffer from TMJ and teeth grinding. My teeth are strong and solid- but their structure makes it easy for them to crack in the same way that granite can be split in two.

Spent over $2000 on that damn tooth in the past ten years. Had it crowned twice. And now, end of game, finito. Its totally fragmentated, fracked. And it had to be removed.

Pulling it out wasn't easy- the tooth has been dead a long time and apparently this makes it brittle.

One small fragment just refused to come out- I think it was stuck on some human tissue. It took the dental specialists a long time to snag it out. Then it had to be cleaned out. Imagine a man using a metal spoon to scrap the insides of a metal bowl clean and you'll get an idea of my amusement of the day.

The downside is that I won't be able to do much physical activity- no scuba diving, no frisbee playing, no swimming- for the next two months to allow the gums to heal over.

This may sound strange- but I'm praying that the body will produce another tooth- which is a miracle. Well, you never know.

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