Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday Frisbee

I am so glad I got to the game 30+ minutes late. It was hot like hell out in the field. No cloud cover - just the afternoon sun and boy was it a scorcher.

10 minutes - and I started getting a deep shade of ill - and that's before getting onto the field. lol.

We had a few new player come join us - but I suspect they came for a wrong game - its frisbee not rugby. Maybe I'm a wuss... hell even my sister's 4 year child can knock me out. Admitedly he had a claw hammer in his hand but that's another story.

But man it really was a hot. There was this guy who squeezed his t-shirt at the end of the game and out poured at least 1 litre of pure sweat. That he was standing was probably due to his fitness physique - his muscles were super ripped. I think he was a tri-athlete champion or something.

(memo to self: must get body like that on Monday)

Wish I had friends like that in Melbourne. It does help (your physical fitness) if you have friends who are into running and exercising.

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