Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I miss Melbourne

I miss being back in Melbourne.

I miss waking up to a cold day where you can truly enjoy a cup of hot coffee.

I miss the dry cold fresh air of Melbourne.

I miss walking to the local Deli (without getting soaked in sweat) and getting sundried tomatoes, olives, freshly baked Italian herbal bread, a small block of nice cheese, fresh date scones and coming back home, sitting down by my dinning room, drinking some good tea with my vintage tea cup set and enjoying the simple breakfast - and just staring at my garden, with the only sound coming from the birds outside, a distant lawn mower, and the gentle chime of my grandfather clock... and slowly tuning out.

I miss that. I wish I could be back (in the other) home right now.


Charms Wee said...

I hear u man.............*sigh*

Cheryl Ong said...

hmmm....yeah never thot I'd miss the crisp cold breeze but you're rite - it's nice to walk in from the cold and enjoy a hot coffee - some of the best coffee in the world too! Just had a taste of the cold again in London for a week and absolutely LURVED it. Wish Spore had a bit of that!!!

Andrew Hall said...

yep, got the kettle on for you back here and some nice fresh coffee. =) Scones from up in the Dandenongs and some nice jam from St. Andrews market..... might be gone by the time you get here. :O

foxeye The Great said...

In SG, we try very hard to intimate the cool weather by blasting our aircon in offices & shopping centre till it’s freezing! Sometimes don’t understand why those ang moh complained about the cold, it’s a great time for us to wear our leather jackets for the men and boots for the ladies.

Yauming YMC said...

Its a nice change from the ordinary. Thats why they say farmers' sons make the best sailors - because they like seeing the ocean. I like the cold and I love the snow. Andrew I know likes the heat. But if you have always lived in the cold and never experience the heat and humidity - u might actually appreciate it more - and vice versa.