Monday, September 10, 2007

History Boys - Most Dishonest Film of the Century

Genre: Other
Forget reading the reviews. This is not a film about teaching or history- its a film about a fat gay teacher who molest his compliant young male students and a new gay teacher who wants to have sex with one of them- and the boy agrees to it happily at the end!! The writer of this play, a gay and a former teacher, was obviously indulging his fantasies here.

In short, its a gay pedophile fantasy film, the rest is just window dressing.

The film's advertisements make this the most dishonest movie ever. Its like advertising "Triumph of the Will" as a movie about a band camp. If I could put a minus five star, I would. This has to be one of the most dishonest film ever.

I found it exceptionally disturbing that practically no reviewer mentioned the gay pedophile aspect of this movie. Its like the sycophants went to watch Jaws and reviewed it as a comedy of three gay men in a boat, the end; no mention of the ten ton man-eating shark. Or they reviewed Triumph of the Will and reviewed it as an uber band camp.

This film sadly shows the level of influence the gay lobby groups have over the film industry. If the fat teacher was feeling up female students' genitalia, or if the new teacher had a serious discussion with a female student about oral sex, the outrage from the movie industry and other lobby groups would have squashed the film - and the director, script writers, producers, editors and actors would have had their careers ruined. But because its a gay film, the reviewers and movie industry reckon its "a beautiful film about school life and philosophy (my arse)", and the fat turd of a teacher is "a flawed hero"!!!

Its insane. Make a film - lifted off an old SouthPark joke - about 2 handsome gay cowboys eating pudding and you'll be given the Oscar. If you dare make a film about 2 pretty Lesbians and you'll be derided to hell. That's Hollywood for you.

And on top of it, we have the new gay teacher teaching his pupils to say positive stuff about Hitler and Stalin to get to Oxford. Good grief, as if being gay isn't bad enough, they have to be totally perverse in their logic too; 1+1=0.

Anyhow who spews up such garbage ought to be placed in a cold cell only to be released after a perfect one-sitting recital of all the names of all the people Hitler and Stalin killed.

If you feel the same way, sign up for the free imdb account and go and register a one star for the film. click here for IMDB History Boys

Don't get me wrong. I am not a homophobe- hey, I thought Ian McKellan- God's and Monster - was a great film. But History Boys is plain dishonest and repellent.


Kelvin Kwa said...

Actually, I just saw a primetime TV advert for low cholesterol margerine being presented by two gay men. It's starting to creep in, I tell you. No too subtle.

Yauming YMC said...

I dread to think how it would have been presented. There seems to be a orchestrated move by the gays to try and convince everyone that homosexuality is a conventional way of sex - implying that the orientation is not restricted to less than 10% of the population.