Sunday, September 16, 2007

Atrium Lounge Party

Over one hundred people showed up for the party - I find it amazing how many people Steven knows. He could form his own club. Heck, with that much charisma he could form his own political party and be the next President. That'd be some party!

Quite a fair bit of Singapore showed up. The usual suspects from Media Corp showed up - radio jockeys, newsreaders, staff and writers, etc.. There was also an (ex-)editor from a Wine and Food magazine. A judge, a real judge. Members from the Education faculties. US Navy officers. Members of the Village People. HR and training personnel. Finance... etc..

Its a pleasant way to spend the Saturday evening - got to know a few people. I even bumped into my long lost cousins whom I've not seen in years. My family were just talking about her this afternoon. She left Australia 5 years ago and fell off the face of the earth. Only problem is - she didn't want to be "found". :) We exchanged five words and she turned away. That's a bit sad- but some people just want to be disappear.

Parties. Names. My memory - being the horrible $2 calculator it is - made a disaster in remembering the names. My memory is worse than a blind librarian stacking books by throwing them into a black pit. Quite hopeless. I do remember the name of the cocktail waitress tho... she had a name tag. And I was thirsty. (That's my excuse!) She had a pleasant laugh. ... OK, she was really cute and how can a man forget a name like "Candy"? Please, no sexist look downs. I'm sure you ladies would remember the barman's name if he was built like a tank and his name was Fabio.

One problem with these sorts of parties is being stuck with one person - and being unable to politely disengage and walk away. There's only so much you can talk with a stranger before the conversation starts getting stale - and you start running out things to say.

I guess one way is to introduce them to someone else - listen intently for awhile - then drift away. Or just the simple - hey, nice to meet with you... see you some other time... or the old "Hey, I'm getting a drink or going to war - do you want one, no?" walkaway.

I'm sure you can think of more appropriate things to say.

I try and not be rude and just say something condesceding and walk off - leaving the person alone - because I've been on the receiving end a few times - and know it can be a dogawful shitty experience. And hey its a party - everyone should try to be nice.

Its easy to become too self-conscious in these sort of things; more so if you are attempting to  introduce yourself with a total stranger. I guess that's why alcohol helps a lot - loosens people up - makes them less uptight. And causes them to forget the faux pas committed.

But sometimes its just impossible. When people go to parties - they don't necessarily want to meet new people. Its more about catching up with friends and old acquaintainces. They form little "sewing circles".
There are usually talking about their friends or their boss or the nocturnal habits of their pet hamsters - all of which are totally lost to you. Attempting to talk with these people is like breaking into an intense discussion with nuclear rocket scientists.


Charms Wee said...

Fabio.....*lol* right on...
Btw.Steven used to be a lecturer in my course.haha.

Yauming YMC said...

Really? He's quite the funny man. Must have been quite a course!

Charms Wee said...

my juniors got him...He taught tv production module a year after I took that particular module. : )